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What did you learn from your last shave?

It just occurred to me that on this morning's shave, I did not shower, and did not use the hotel face towel routine. Washing my face with warm water and soap is all I did. It's a little early to draw any major conclusions, but it's possible that with a 24-hour beard, I do not need to soak it with the hot face towel beforehand to get a great shave. A 48-hour beard might be another animal entirely . . . but then I'm almost certainly going to shower before I tackle a 2-day beard.
That on a 24-hour beard, no face prep other than washing with soap and water, I can successfully combine ATG and XTG into one pass: ATG from S to N, but shifting to an XTG alignment/attitude on a couple of spots I know ATG doesn't reduce easily. Usually I do a 3rd pass for XTG, but that's with a 36- to 48-hour beard. On a 24, 2 passes is plenty.
Three things: that soap and water can suffice as prep even on a 34-hour beard; that starting out with setting 6 on the Gillette Slim provides superb beard reduction; and that I am now officially a Proraso Green cream fanboy.
I learn to just go for it. Instead of two blades, I finally decided to put in 3 blades in the Leaf Razor for a head shave.

It's been over week since I last shave my head so I was looking kinda funny, the Nacet blade I put in this razor slices everything away.
Shaving with a AC shavette is a nice challenge for me because the razor (folding type) has different holding technique's to get your shave to desired comfort & results. I think anyone who try's a AC shavette where it really counts is the blade, I used a unguarded blade at first because they sent the wrong blades(to sharp for a Rookie). I purchased some KAI captain Protouch guarded blades and WOW what a nice smooth & sharp blade that works very well. The guarded blade gives the operator a nice sweet spot to learn and I think is a superior blade possibly to a standard unguarded blade IMO.
YY Kai Protouch guarded AC blade.jpg
It seems for myself the more I use a razor the easy it becomes with stellar results, sometimes when something does not work out stop and revisit later and it can be rewarding in the shaving world it seems.
Tabac in stick form still has a bit of scent. Before I hopped into the shower, I moistened the stick and rubbed a little Tabac onto my cheeks, just because. I could smell the lovely "Grandma's purse" scent for a few moments before the shower washed it away.


I used my Yaqi Purple Haze Mew brown synth for the 1st time today and really enjoyed it. I found it had good backbone and lathered like a champ, plus I think it looks cool :biggrin1:
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