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What did you learn from your last shave?

That PolSilver blades are a BIG step up in sharpness over the Lord and Astra SP blades I've been using.
Taking care of a blade really does matter, by which I mean removing it carefully from its packaging, avoiding touching the edges, avoiding little bumps against nails when skin stretching during a shave etc.

Lately I've really picked up on the pattern: take extra care of a blade, and it's a "good" blade; get sloppy and the blade seems just a little below par and doesn't go as long before it gets replaced.
I learned mathematics of a DFS.

(Freshly showered and properly cleaned face + new Feather + Taylor of Old Bond Street cream) > (3½ day growth of beard).

The shave was so good that even when I was running late the next morning, by that evening may face looked like I had shaved that morning.

Good prep and good equipment and product can’t be underestimated.


I learned that if applying too much pressure with a DE razor it helps to hold the handle at the end, as far away from the head as possible. This really does allow the weight of the razor to do the work and has vastly improved my results with razors I had previously considered too aggressive. I think this should be the default position. Conversely I get better results with a razor that might otherwise be too mild by simply holding it closer to the head. This is a big step up in my technique I feel, as I can subtly change razor aggression by changing my hand position, mid shave if necessary. Do other members experience the same effect?
No. I think the weight of the razor, is more pressure than I want. I hold the razor at the point of balance for maximum control.
This morning I learnt to not drop my concentration. That lesson cost me a small nick on my cheek from the toe of my SR.

That was my first in over a month.


Use more product!! :clap: :clap:

(A great shave is key these days when largely confined to the house because of Coronavirus).
If you fail at first, try again.

A while back I tried a Treet Black carbon steel blade, and the experience was horrible. Today I tried a new blade, and the experience was quite nice. Apparently the first was a dud.
I learned a lot and I learned nothing. My Timeless Titanium 0.68 is the last and only razor I really need. After the purchase and return of a razor I waited over a year for and the giving my face a few days to recover from what was too much blade exposure for me I had another wonderful shave with the Timeless.

I also learned nothing because just this week I purchased another soon to be released razor. Based on conversations with the owner and how impressed I am with him a Blackland Tradere should be in my home within a month or so.

So I guess I learned that shaving is a hobby for me and judiciously adding to my collection is ok. I always hear my late wife’s words “buy it if you really want it”.
I thought this thread went away. I see people have been posting on it during the last two months, and I've been back at B & B for about that long, but I never saw it pop up and I couldn't find it with a search. Welcome back!
Every razor has a particular angle it works best at.
Also I may like mild razors more than I initially thought.

I recently picked up a DOC head for the princely sum of $3, and was ready to just pass it off as being inefficient. I normally prefer using a steeper angle and found this particular head just doesn't perform at its best steep. I'm only 3 shaves into using it but I'm getting the hang of this head little by little.

Being only the second razor I've owned (got a few more on the way to remedy this though, :biggrin1:) I'd forgotten about the whole process of "learning" a razor. This applies especially to milder razors since they tend to have a narrower "sweet spot".

This particular DOC head I have to me has barely any blade feel, I really have to be looking out for it if I wanna feel that blade, and I consider myself somewhat of blade feel junkie :lol:. That said, I'm slowly coming to appreciate the drama free, comfortable shaves I get from this head even if BBS takes just a bit more work. I'm eager to see if it'll all just click one day and I'll be able to eke out all of the potential this head has.


I'd forgotten about the whole process of "learning" a razor. This applies especially to milder razors since they tend to have a narrower "sweet spot".
Yes! :thumbup:

I always feel a facepalm moment coming on, when I read someone saying the found something inefficient AND they cut themself with it. If it can cut BELOW skin level, how much more blade exposure do you need? :facep:

From that point, it's not the efficiency of the razor that's in question, but the efficiency of the operator.


My face is asymmetric :(. To be honest I thought this whole map your face was some sort of OCD joke. Surely WTG is down and ATG is up? I have realized such naïveté has nothing to do with reality and I am not even mirror symmetric vertically :(

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