What did you learn from your last shave?

Discussion in 'General Shaving Discussion' started by tmartin89, May 8, 2014.

  1. Ad Astra

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    Today I got different audio feedback that helped dictate the angle held ... in other words, a different pitch of sound as the razor's angle differed while shaving. Interesting. Can go blind and still get BBS, in theory.

  2. That if I restrain myself to one pass on cheeks and two on the throat, even a 24-hour beard can be planed off without irritation -- and in fact with a good deal of comfort.
  3. +1! And comfort is critical IMHO!!:a29:
  4. Arko is still great soap.
    Got a a BBS shave last night by using it.
  5. DMT


    Shaving with a wall mounted mirror drastically improves the quality of your shave. For the last few months I've had to shave with leaning over the sink to use a mirror on a stand. This week I've been shaving in a bathroom with a wall mounted mirror I definitely felt an improvement from being able to look at the mirror head on standing up straight.
  6. My Schick Lady Eversharp injector does a better job on a first WTG pass than any of my DE razors.
    For subsequent passes and directions, it depends on the DE.
    I'm really starting to like the Schick injectors.
  7. Checked my soap ‘rotation’ this AM to find that I am all ‘tallow’ these days!! (Haslinger tallow options, Cella, Fine, etc.) And I am really enjoying my shaves! :a29::a29:
  8. YKMV

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    Same situation for me. Our new apartment has wall mounted mirrors and I was using a stand mirror with great difficulty.
    Getting the overhead light installed improved the situation and now, wearing my glasses, I can see what i'm doing on my whole face not just portions as with the stand mirror.
  9. DMT


    Alas, I'll be back to my stand mirror next week, but not for too long as I've ordered a shower mirror that I can hang over the sink without getting any trouble from the Landlord
  10. I learned blades last indefinitely in a NEW shortcomb. On my second week with the same Silver Blue blade. Had not used this razor in awhile.
  11. Used 2x my normal amount of Haslinger’s schafmilch and 2x my normal amount of water this snowy AM, then left the lather on awhile longer before starting and between passes.

    GREAT SHAVE and my skin was terrific afterwards!! Then out into the elements! :a29:
  12. I learned that using cartridges with DE techniques gives workable shaves when travelling. As long as the lather's good.

    But for home use,nah.
  13. Ron R

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    These Gem razors SE have given me some of the best shaves I can obtain with reasonable hand technique. I'm also enjoying Schick SE razors also, just part of the learning curve what is the best blade systems and razors made to date for myself YMMV.
  14. YKMV

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    Handles make a difference.
    My Schick Grip and my "O" clone, both of which fall perfectly into my hand and line the blade up at the proper orientation for shaving, have made me spoiled and lazy.
    When I switched to a Fat Handled Tech this morning, I found myself trying to shave with the end of the razor or approaching my face with the rotated at an angle to my face.
    I really had to pay attention to what I was doing instead of just shaving with my eyes half opened.
  15. Shhhhhhhh!!! Lest too many discover this secret and the price of used injectors goes up!! :D ;)
  16. Astra SP are simply smooth, comfortable and long-lasting for me!! :a14::a14::a14:
  17. Last few days I've discovered:

    (1) The hair on my neck grows side to side, not up and down...meaning my "xtg to save my neck" technique was doing more harm than good

    (2) A Schick injector is probably the simplest shave I've had

    (3) Just because I need a three pass on my face doesn't mean I have to do a third pass on the neck.
  18. That face lathering is great! It seems like when face lathering I get a more consistent lather.
  19. I found that this is the best way to use the WTP soaps from RR. (That was actually 2 shaves ago though... ;D)
  20. +1!! Face lathering just works for me also!! No muss, no fuss! :a14::a14:

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