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What did you learn from your last shave?

That a Personna Lab Blue isn't the blade for me.

It’s aways suggested to go back to something that maybe didn’t work early on. That’s what I did this morning believing my technique has improved since I last tried them.

I really want to like these blades. The price is right for a 100-pk, I like the packaging of the multi-pack, no globs of glue all over the blade and made in the USA.

But after giving it another try today, I decided I'll stick with blades (Gillette Black & Yellow, GSB, Voshkod and a few others) that give me comfortable, almost BBS shaves.

I just can't seem to get an irritation & blood free shave with the Lab Blues. I’ve got a few left, so maybe I’ll try again later down the line, possibly in another razor.
Today I decided to see if it made any difference if I let the lather stand on my face for a few minutes before putting blade to face. It didn't..I bowl lathered C.O. Bigelow, lathered up, and let it stand for 2-1/2 minutes. Still, I haven't tried this with other soaps.
Not stretching my neck at all gives me a much more comfortable shave. The blade is far less likely to 'dig in' if I don't stretch my neck skin.
The longer I shave, the more I realize the value of intentionally going back to the basics.

Good prep, Good lather, Good Technique = Great Shave.
I learned that the longer I wait to shave, the better the end result. had a long weekend with a 4 day growth. went out of my routine of 2 pass to a 3 pass WTG, XTG and ATG. end result was the best shave to date. DFBBS???? I think yes!
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