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What did you learn from your last shave?

Well, I learned that the combo of my Fatboy (set on 5) with a 7 o clock Yellow (2nd use) and CO Bigelows cream is a great success.....

No nicks nor irritation of any kind.... BBS result.

A set up I could use for every shave!!!!!
That I really need to make sure my hands and ears are clear of lather and dry before I try to hold the tops of my ears out of the way for the ATG pass strokes during my head shave.
It seems my last "lesson" is always front of mind during the next shave; and I end up forgetting something else. I just need to tie it all together.
I tried to do a clean up pass after my 3rd pass, bad mistake. My neck is irritated much more then I ever get with my usual 3 pass shave
That I really am much more comfortable with a DFS, also that I really need to use a balm everyday.
I tried skipping the balm a few times and the results are always a drier and more irritated face.
A good lather with Cella is a little drier looking than what I would use with other soaps. I was tempted to add more water to it but didn't. It was still really slick and wonderfully protective. Had a great shave.
I learned to resist the urge to move my upper lip when drawing the razor across it. I don't know why I was doing that, bit I saw it happen, and cut myself.
Against the grain should, for me anyway, be more about clearing up any bits that I've missed. Both with and across the grain get me irritation free and close enough.
Today I learned how to whip up a great lather with Brain Freeze, best shave I've had with that soap. I guess I had never worked it quite long enough.
I learned today that I need to practice with my Gem 1912 Junior if I want a close, irritation-free shave - it's not nearly as idiot-proof as my Slim/Fatboy or Techs.
I learned using Marco's Method with a cheap vdh boar brush produces enouhh lather for a 3 pass face and 2 pass head shave, with lather left over.
Yesterday I learned that skin stretching = irritation for me. Learning to stretch was a critical skill initially but now, through trial & error, find that its detrimental.

I also learned that its ok to unlearn some things, when my mileage varies as compared to others.
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