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What did you learn from your last shave?

I am learning that just because my GEM is more comfortable to shave with, I still need to go slow. That and I am migrating away from cold to luke warm water and making sure my lather is hydrated. Today was an excellent shave and i find myself faceturbating at work :p
I'm learning that my new Whipped Dog badger brush lathers quite differently than my boar brushes. I'm enjoying the feel but not all brushes are the same. One must adapt to new hardware and software.
I learned need to wake up about about 15 mins earlier, if I want to get a good wet shave in instead of the old electric in the car backup before formation
I learned that lime has a photosensitizing effect on me. I thought, "Hey, I'm going to be working a booth at the Cinco de Mayo festival, why not use Margaritas in the Arctic soap and aftershave in honor of it?" Yeee-OUCH! Haven't been able to shave since then. :mad3:
This is a great thread because I learn from every shave.

Today I learned I beed to work on my technique on my neck with my vintage Hoffritz slant and the Marco Method works great with VDH Deluxe.
To not forget my Thayers. I was shocked in the difference of useing and not useing before my AS splash. I will not pass it up again!
This thread made me think about my shave today, and I suddenly realized that after 7 months, I finally feel pretty comfortable referring to myself as a competent novice rather than a newbie. It's a great feeling to have right now! Thanks for the thread, tmartin89.
My Semogue 620 has killed my puck of Tabac! The puck is down to 1/3 after nearly continuous use since January. I love the backbone! I consistently load my brush with the Soaking wet Marco Method for about 60 seconds before taking the action to my face. It works Wonders!!!
I have had a mustache but recently I started growing a goatee also. I learned that after it reaches a certain length it is now easy to keep the border that was difficult to not alter when starting.
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