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Touch up on the Riga with a Glanrafon.




Ask me about shaving naked!

Kind of an edge comparison between a Water of Ayr and a white Tam O Shanter. Griffith has had some decent prices on these, and my enabler friends have been, well, enabling, lol. The WoA is quite a bit darker in hand than the images present, the camera software is lightening it up. And wet it’s almost black. The ToS is shown pretty accurately.

Both stones were lapped as the surfaces were basically unfinished. A worn 600 Atoma was used last, then the surfaces burnished a little with worn near-wedge JRazor. The test razors were both 6/8-ish JRazors of high quality. The progression for prepping the edges was Shapton Glass HR 4k, Kouseki 10k with shiro nagura slurry, and then the finishers on water.

The white ToS felt coarser although it seemed to smooth out.a bit with use, the WoA was smooth from the get go.The HHT was better from the WoA. I thought maybe I didn’t get the ToS edge right, so I went back to the stone for 50 more laps, but there was no improvement. And the shave test, the WoA ‘edged’ the ToS, not a huge amount but the WoA edge was noticeably smoother and there was no AS burn.
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Rouge de Salm, or some exotic JNat?
I think it’s an La Petite Blanche coticule based off of the lines on the side, and the coticule performance/feel.

The BBW is just unique…it doesn’t seem like pure BBW but more of a coticule BBW blend with some type of orbs/patterning.

The slurry stone was a very similiar stone that I cut into three rub stones.

Using the slurry and finishing on just water leaves a very very fine scratch pattern and mirror on the bevel near the edge, gets the razor hyper sharp, and the edges off of this stone have always been ultra comfortable and smooth.

It caught my eye in a lot of junk sharpening stones on eBay…it’s a treasure as far as razor stones go.


Ask me about shaving naked!

Another classic comparison, vintage boat-shaped coti and a Thuringian. Both blades were re-upped with a Kouseki and shiro nagura slurry, then finished.The Thuri edge seemed a little weak at the toe for some reason, so I raised a little slurry with a worn out 1200 Atoma and worked it out, then finished on clear water. That seemed to do the job.

The coti is new to me and I have finished one edge on clear water. This one was done with Norton honing oil.

Shave a little later, but the coti HHT seemed a little better than the thuri, which made a mirror finish.
I love them. They’re fast, I like the feeling and feedback, and they do great groundwork before my finishers. Those plus a Naniwa 12k are my only synth stones so I don’t have anything to compare them to, but they work for me. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.
I'm about to retire my aged and worn Norton 4k/8k and I think I'm going to give these a go. Thanks !
“Something different today. Went from 8k to Thuringian with slurry to water then to Translucent ArKansas on 3-1 oil. I have put a few edges on this old Boker over the last week, this was the best so far.”

Dirt, simple.

Coarse a nice Translucent, helps. And a splash of technique…
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