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What did you hone today?

I rehoned my black frontier razor. It has become my test razor for now. Razor had a shaving edge but since I sealed a new asagi that needed testing I decided to try just tomo slurry. First try was with the small tomo on the right, edge was worse than before. Tried one more dilution but still tugging. Decided to try to raise slurry from the stone on the right that I am planning to cut to tomo nagura. It's hard but not as hard as the tomo above it. Everything clicked. Edge came out laser sharp. Yes finding the right tomo does make a difference.


Chan Eil Whiskers


The Herder 76 wasn't quite there yet after it's previous honing. Maybe it is now. Shave test on Monday.

The Wide Torrey was already fine. I'm seeing if I can get it even sharper. Shave test Tuesday.

The Fredericks Celebrated has been a problem child. Today's efforts on the Washita and the DCA may have improved it some. I didn't think it was ready but shave tested it anyway. I was right. It's not shave ready.

The Herder and Torrey were honed entire on the Double Convex Ark. The Torrey, only on the black finishing side.


Ah, I also honed this one later in the day. DCA. Wade. Just improving the edge (I hope).

Happy shaves,

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