What did I pull outta the swamp?

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    There is an easy tell the difference on the NEW combs. If the Diamond is centered, it is a Short Comb. If there is a tab relief in the comb, it is also Short Comb. This means from a top view or bottom view, you call tell immediately.
    For the 2 different Short Combs, the one with the deeper tab relief cuts have an extra Patent No.

    This one is missing the extra Patent No.(1328024)
    This one is has the extra Patent No.(1328024) above the "MADE" stamp.

    Long Combs have the Diamonds off-center, unless it is an Otto Roth X-through, which have all been Long Combs in my experience.

    NEW LC.jpg

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  3. Thanks again guys for all the great info.
    This was a most unexpected yet rewarding find and enlightening thread... Kudos to all that have participated in it!!!
  4. You’ll have fun restoring it yourself or sending it out. A nice razor.
  5. Nice find! Oh please, I hope you didn’t Brasso it! A little hot water and dish soap will take that green crud right off. Looks like there’s enough gold plating left that it should clean up fine if you like the aged, patinaed look. But if you want to strip it back to brass or replate, I guess Brasso away.
  6. Not yet as it's on it way to a buddy in the US first before he packs all my stuff to be sent over so its going to be a few weeks before I get it.

    OK noted I'll try the hot water n soap approach first.
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    Bar Keepers Friend will dissolve gold on contact.

    My 1940 Gillette Regent before BKF.

    After literally 5 seconds with BKF and a toothbrush. That happened so quickly I watched the gold dissolve and there was nothing I could do about it.

    That turned into clean bare Brass.

    After a quick polish.

    It doesnt touch Nickel though.

    Below is a Tech I had. I tried using AutoSol to clean it up but I was worried if I went any further with a polishing compound I'd remove the frosting on the cap.

    Before BKF.

    After a quick 5 second rub with BKF and a wet thumb.

    BKF is a very powerful cleaner. When water is added to the powder it creates Oxalic acid.
  8. Hi Esox,

    Wow that's scary stuff if there's any gold left of it I'll try my best to keep it but if the event there's non left I'll hunt for bkf here.

    I really want to keep as much of the razor in its original condition as I can as I do want yo shave w it and pass it alone some day lol
  9. I think I saw small dots of gold left on the cap. IMO would look best removed, but to each their own.
  10. Oh good. While you’re waiting, do a little google searching on cleaning up those old gold-plated razors. In general, you want to go really slow and really gentle to preserve as much of the plating as you can, which is only about one molecule thick. On my New Improved, I basically just soaked it in boiling hot water with some dish soap until the water cooled and then repeated. Most of the green crud flaked off just from that. I was able to get the rest off with light scrubbing with a soft bristle toothbrush. Remember that many of the cleaning and polishing techniques that are common for nickel-plated razors will strip the gold plating. Just proceed with caution. Best of luck and happy shaves. As you may have noticed, the short comb NEWs are highly regarded around here.
  11. Hi Clay and tanker,

    I do get it's a great razor and somewhat under the radar compared to the fatboys, toggles, RFBs which is a good thing as finding one in at a reasonable price is easier than the others mentioned.

    I'll surely go slow with it as it is a great razor. Clay no worries I'm not hung up on keeping every scrap of gold, I rather have a clean vs a patchy look.

    Btw I found some other similar razors but the cap on the left seems to have quite a bit of dings. Any idea if this is salvageable?

    Many thanks!
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    My thoughts might not be the same as others, but I'd pay more attention to the edges of the cap, where the cap presses the blade to the comb. Even blade exposure is important. Avoid ripples or bowing.
    The top of the cap is somewhat incidental.
  13. Hi REV579,

    Good point, a bent cap wouldn't hold the blade well at all however, if the cap looks like a it's been used as a dart board lol! Wouldn't shaving with it by riding the cap feel very rough especially if the ding is deep enough that a tiny crater is formed?
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    Have you seen the engraved caps of the High-end models? I can't decide for you, but I would not suffer a few dings in the cap unless I wanted it to be pretty too.
  15. There are high end models :a47:
    This RAD is never ending!

    I'm a simple guy, clean lines, smooth shiny finish is all I want. I know I'll love this feller and the Karve when I get it from the us.

    In the meantime, I'l just get stuff I can clean up myself without too much trouble. I'm not sure how to fix a ding up cap as I'm no metal worker.
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    Oh yes there are a couple...
    Here's "a taste". Save your tears for later.
    NEW Models


    New Improved


    Old Type
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    You gotta know what to look for in order to find it. I believe I left some amazing razors at a shop around San Antonio...because I didn't know what they were. Did I look past a Double Ring? Others?
  19. Curse you more!!! I'm in Singapore and you're tempting with stuff halfway around the world?!!!

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