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What determines a "good" bowl brush?

I have seen alot of threads saying a brush is too floppy or too dense to either face lather with or bowl lather with. I'm pretty new to wetshaving in general and just wanted to get a rough idea of what would be considered a good or an ideal bowl latherer brush.

From what I see, a good bowl latherer should be dense and, in my view, short lofted. This of course also depends on the bowl. The deeper the bowl the higher the loft, at least that is what appears to make sense from my point of view.

If my assessment is correct, would a Chubby 1 be a bowl latherer and a Chubby 2 or 3 a face latherer?
I bowl lather with my Chubby 1 and 2. I prefer to face lather with my chubby 1. The smaller knot and loft is easier to keep the lather on my face instead with the chubby 2 it's a mess, but fun. My Colonel X2L is a great bowl latherer, longer handle and longer loft, with a 23 mm knot. Everyone's tastes differ. It's what you like and you only find that out by experimentation. From my experience you can bowl lather any brush, just depends on the dimensions of your bowl, and you can face lather any brush.
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