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What cream or gel do you use in the mornings when you're in a big hurry?

I know we all prefer soaps and going through the process of creating a rich lather every morning. But I'm sure you're like me and some mornings you're in a big hurry and you don't have time to go through that process but you still have to shave. So what do you reach for? Cremo, Barbasol, something else? I'm just curious what your quick go to is in the morning when you're short on time.
I face lather and can make an acceptable lather with Tabac, Yardley, Old Spice, Arko or any other of my soaps in sixty seconds if I need to although I normally prefer to take longer. I occasionally use Barbasol or Proraso from a can but it has nothing to do with being short for time; I genuinely enjoy those products.
Proraso cream , no brush , works better for me just lathering on my face With my hands ,. Normally I use a brush and soap for all other shaves .
Nivea Men Sensitive Shaving Gel... lathers really fast, contains witch hazel, chamomile, vitamin E, and no alcohol.
Good stuff.
When I'm short on time I wet a synthetic and hit the Haslinger I have in an old TOBS container. Both of which I keep in the bathroom for this very purpose. I'll have a serviceable lather in upwards of 70 seconds. Beyond that I'd probably use a DE if I were really pressed for time.
If I'm really in a hurry, electric. My hair isn't that dark so I can get away with a not close shave. Its not enjoyable and I work at home now so a very rare occurrence.
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