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what constitutes an expert

I'm a frickin' expert!

Started wetshaving in 2009. Can shave equally well with a cartridge razor, an injector, a GEM razor, a double-edge razor, an AC razor, AC shavettes, or old-school straights! Make my own lather for every shave and can lather creams or soaps with equal aplomb! Get fantastic shaves four times a week and that's all the times I shave per week!

Again, I reiterate: I am an expert! So there.
No argument from me.
As an example one of the experts from several years ago (I’m not sure he is still doing reviews) always made a point of the cost per ounce of the soap he reviewed. Without being an expert but having some experience, I like most of you, know that the number of ounces in a soap puck does not correlate to the number of shaves. Factors such as the drying process, triple milled, or croap, etc. never entered into his reviews yet cost per ounce was always an important and crucial factor and if the cost was high, the soap was not highly evaluated with no consideration of the shaving experience offered.

Given a flawed quantitative analysis of a qualitative factor it is obvious that this “expert” has no credibility for me. Even if I were to agree with one of his reviews I also realize that a broken clock (not a 24 hour clock) is going to be right twice a day.

These videos give a good idea of what a product looks like and for that there is value.

Personally the reviews on a forum such as this are more valuable to me particularly after I have an idea of how similar the poster’s preferences are to mine.
I have a great deal of expertise in teaching band. A master's degree and 44 years experience, along with daily professional development provided that expertise. But I am not an expert. I'm not the font of all knowledge on the subject. People don't throw out their Google machines and just call me.

Shaving? I'd have to buy every brush, razor, soap and aftershave and I have neither the money or inclination. I do have a great deal of expertise shaving my face, and I assume some of that might apply to other faces. An expert? Not even close.
having run across a thread from a couple years back where some members argued about you tubers being classed as experts, made me wonder then what constitutes an expert, is it the guy with a you tube channel, or perhaps it's the guy who has been wet shaving for 50 years but still has a face covered in tissue paper stopping the flow of blood from his many nicks, or what about the guy who's been shaving for a year but gets a bbs shave every time, or perhaps the shaving store owner who's been selling shaving products for 20 odd years, so what constitutes an expert🤔... although this thread is open to discussion, it's not intended to cause arguments, and should be seen(although a genuine question) as a light hearted discussion on what constitutes an expert😉
There’s no shaving experts as far as I know because we all are different and shave different. Some of the so called shaving gurus started shaving after carts came out, if you started with a de before a cartridge you would most likely get better shaves after learning with a de. As each new cartridge came out the shaves became easier for me that is a fact, I am however not an expert, only know what works for me.
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