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What company has largest share of your wallet

I love the Executive Shaving Company, there customer service is amazing. I recently ordered 4 Styptic pencils from them ( I meant to order 2 but I somehow accidentally ordered 4 ). When they arrived I opened the box and was surprised to see 6 Styptic pencils. Later that day I get an email from their finance manager explaining that their entire stock was damaged at the base but was still usable. So to make up for them being damaged they sent me an extra two for free. As for their pricing structure I noticed that x100 blade pack's are cheaper if you order directly from the manufacturer. For example: 100 Wilkinson Sword Classic Blades currently cost £34.50 from the Executive Shaving Company on a sale price. Meanwhile On Wilkinson Swords website they are £29.99.
I don't think I've heard anything but praise about their customer service, whenever I've got in touch with them with queries they respond very quickly as well.
Out of the online vendors (apart from ebay), I find Connaught to be the best for blades. By comparison with the cost of Wilkinson Sword Classic, Connaught sell them at 100 for £16.80.
I've spread my cash pretty evenly with manufacturers (still new to wet shaving and trying out various products to find what I like) but its probably between The Executive Shaving Company and Connaught for vendors.


Abandoned By Gypsies.
In terms of value, Shavemac. Own several badger brushes, all secondhand. Love their knots, which hold their shape extremely well. Brushes are also a weakness. My Zenith boar has me considering a Semogue SOC resin mixed boar/badger. And also hearing a Simpson Chubby 2 whispering my name from the rabbit hole, and it’s frightening.
+1 for Stirling. Though I placed my first order with PAA today and I feel like it could be the start of a beautiful friendship

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I'm a fan of PAA for aftershaves because they last long, and have a huge portfolio of scents. I recommend the following from them.

Atomic Age Bay Rum
Boomstown Bay Rum
Club Guy

Any product in those following scents is a winner, also the Han Polo scent is one of my favorites however it's been discontinued.
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