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What company has largest share of your wallet

If you look in your shave cabinet what company has the largest share of your dollar. The top three for me are Proraso, Gillette, and Merkur. Prorasso at 35%, Gillette at 21% and Merkur 18%. The rest is spread over about 6 different companies. I would also say that of all the companies Proraso will continue to expand that lead. Thanks for your input.
Tatara, SV, Gillette. Probably Feather, Shavemac, and Maol not far behind Gillette. The first by far...the second is definitely ahead of the others.
RazoRock company has my highest expense shares, followed by Stirling Soap Company.

RazoRock :

2 RazoRock Razors (Stainless Steel)
1 Beehive brush
1 RazoRock soap

Stirling Soap Company :

6 Shaving Soaps
RazoRock, probably.

3 Game Changer top-caps, 3 handles, 4 different plates.

I'm sure my lifetime cart bill beats RazoRock, though.
When it comes to vendors, I split pretty evenly between three. When it comes to gear, I think I spend about the same on razors, soaps, and brushes. Blades would be the least, but I've already bought about 2,000 so I'll be good there for a while. Of course it varies, and I don't really make a conscious effort to split things evenly.
I have a sprinkling of different companies, but the bulk of what I have now came from Personna and Feather. The cost of my Fatip and my Merkur, purchased last year, is probably way below what I've spent on eBay for vintage Gillettes. Gillette didn't get any of *that* money, though.

Perhaps Stirling: I keep buying their aftershaves and colognes.
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