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What cologne disappointed you?

Dissapointed is wrong word here but D&G The one.I heared so many praises and decided to try it. Nothing special.
On the second note, so many youtube reviewers called my favourite scent boring and nothing special however I like it, I wear it very rarely however each time I wear it I get compliments. Perhaps it's cultural divide West- East.
DR Harris Marlborough. To me, it smelled like the old butts from the ashtray of that old Buick that has been sitting in the bush for 35 years.
Just about anything with vetiver. Vetiver has a tendency to dry down to a beef broth scent on me.
The herbal notes in Guerlain's version could certainly contribute to that impression of that scent.

This one, in its ribbed bottle formula, was a huge letdown for me when I blind bought it ten years ago. Luckily the latest version is different enough that I'm warmed up to the scent and wear it frequently now.
Le eau de Issey pour homme. Headachy, synthetic, despite a million good reviews. Gave to wife, don't laugh, could be unisex. Lemon fizz right?

Le Male. Now you can laugh! minty fougere doesn't work, again a million positive reviews. Could be a biased crowd that likes the bottle ... should toss it. Or leave it at that one bar downtown ...

Yes LeMale is awful. I tried a sample it made my eyes water and it woke me up after I fell asleep.
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