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What camera and photo gear do you use?

Photographing and posting photos is a big part of the wetshaving hobby for me. I enjoy photographing a lot - just as I enjoy seeing other people's work.

Recently I have been wondering what cameras and gear people use?

I'll start with myself:

I have two cameras; A Sony DSC-H3 and a Canon EOS 20D.

The Sony DSC-H3 is my light travel camera, it is a mid size point-and click 8.1 MP camera with a Carl Zeiss zoom objective. It is a light and compact camera capable of takning decent photos. I usually carry it around in a Samsonite case with an extra battery and memory card.

The Canon EOS 20D (bought used) is a good all-round workhorse D-SLR, being an 8 MP camera it is not impressive, but it is more than enough for my needs. The 20D is the last of Canons D-SLR's to be produced with an ultra sturdy magnesium body, making this camera incredibly tough.
For the 20D I have the following gear:
Canon EF 28-135 mm F/3.5-5.6 IS USM objective (bought used). A very good middle-of-the-road all-rounder, capable of doing both decent detail- and distance work and everything in between, it came with the camera, but I would still have picked something like this anyway
Sigma EF-530 DG Standard flash. Cheap and efficient flash, not the most lightweight and streamlined flash on the market, but again; a good all-rounder, like the rest of the package
Canon BG-E2 battery grip (bougt used). I rarely use this as it adds way too much weight to the camera, but it is nice to have for prolonged photoshoots using a tripod
Four batteries (bought used). I have yet to run out of power :001_smile
Lowepro Nova 170 AW bag. Good sturdy bag with room for camera, flash, extra batteries and memory cards. On Lowepro's homepage it is stated that this bag will containg camera w. mounted objective, flash and 1-2 extra objectives. I am still trying to figure out how it would be possible to fit even a single extra objective into this bag though. If in doubt; go a size up!
PacSafe CarrySafe 100 strap. Anti theft strap with build in steel wires. I do a lot of photography in urban environments, this strap makes it impossible for someone to simply cut the strap and run away with the camera
Bresser tripod. Actually bought for my Sony camera, it is bit too light for the Canon, but it works untill I get my hands on a more sturdy one. I rarely use a tripod anyway
Aside from that I have a Sto-Fen Ombi-Bounce for my flash on the way. A must for detail work like SOTD photos.


I like film for acquisition (can't get over it). Then I scan the negs and print digitally.

35mm: Hexar RF body with Leica lenses
6x6cm: Rolleiflex 2.8F, Mamiya 6MF
D200 and D70 bodies.
SB-800 and a couple SB-600 flashes
Variety of Nikkor lenses
Sandisk Ultra II and Extreme III flashcards
Oodles of batteries
Lowepro bag of some sorts
Tripods, lightstands, umbrellas, soft boxes, light boxes, reflectors
I have a Pentax *ist DS dslr camera with various autofocus and manual focus lenses and a Canon PowerShot A620 point-and-shoot camera.
Canon 40D and a handfull of lenses.

I suspect there are better forums for this discussion. Personally, I hang out at Photo.net for my photography stuff. I don't have much posted, but if you like looking at other people's work, check it out. http://photo.net/photos/BrossArt
That is quite the set-up you have going on there, Jeep! Perhaps you can post pics of your cameras? They can even hide out in the background of a SOTD. I only have access to my fiance's digital camera that we picked out. Its a Kodak Easyshare C613 phd *push here dummy*. Its rated at 6.1 megapixels I think, possibly more. Its a good basic digital camera. I am more used to taking b&w's with my dads' plethora of Canons, including an old FT-b that I used to lug around in highschool. Talk about heavy. hehe.
Here's a pic. of my 20D, set up for prolonged "studio" shoots:


I clearly need a more sturdy stand for this camera.

Sorry about the quality of the pic. btw. My point-and-click sucks at pics. like this.


Pentax K200D
Vivitar 19 3.8 manual
Kiron 28-85 2.8 manual
Kiron 35-135 3.5 manual
Kiron 28-210 3.8 manual
Manfrotto 055 Tripod
Domke F2 Bag
Sony DSC-H10 for my daily camera, Small, but with Zeiss optics, 8.1 megapix, and a 10x optical zoom, 4 gig memory stick.

Film, Olympus OM-10, with two Kiron lenses, 80-200mm (with f-stops from 4-22) and a 28-10mm (3.2-22 F-stop)

Girlfriend left her DLSR here with me for safe keeping, but I rarely use it.
Her's is a Cannon EOS 10D with a 17-40mm lens(super short!)

I just noticed, that every camera I have is a model number of 10.:confused:
I have an extensive collection of Nikon and Leica, film and digital gear. But on a regular basis I use:

Nikon D700, D300 and F6
AFS 14-24mm f2.8
AF 60mm f2.8 macro
AFS 200-400mm f4

Leica M7 and M8
21mm f2.8 Elmarit
50mm f1.0 Noctilux
90mm f2.0 Summicron
90mm f4 macro-Elmar

I am kinda low-end digital compared to you guys. The wife bought me a Canon Powershot S5 a year ago to wean me off of film. Good buy on her part, small enough to be carried anywhere. But I still occasionally use one of my film cameras; a Canon Elan II, EOS ix, Olympus Vectis S, Canon T70 or an old Canon FT I bought in the Nam in 1969.

I am one of the few who use APS. Bought several lately off of the Bay for little money. Fun to play with, about the pinnacle of film camera development in a non-pro camera. All the bells and whistles but not the cost because of the format.
Nikon F80, Nikon FM2n, Mamiya 645 TL Pro plus lenses and all sorts of other stuff that costs lots of money.


oops - plus a handful of Rollei TLR's
I use a Nikon D40 *my first DSLR* and just the stock lens for now, I am looking at getting a couple of lenses *Nikon AFS 18 - 200 MM and a Tamron 90 MM Macro lens*. I store my camera in a Lowepro Slingshot 350aw *now I can carry both my camera and laptop with me in one bag*... And I am thinking of getting a SB800 Flash!

I use a 8.1 MP Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-H10 with Carl Zeiss vario-Tessar 10x zoom. I really like this camera. It is small but also affords Macro photography with a 10x zoom lens.
I use:

  • A Nikon D90
  • Nikkor 18-55mm
  • Nikkor 55-200mm VR
  • Tamron 90mm Macro :thumbup::thumbup::thumbup:
  • Speedlight SB-600
  • Two $8 portable reflector lamps from Lowe's
  • Wireless shutter remote
  • A really wobbly tripod
  • A few filters
  • Target store turkey baster (for water shots)
  • Different colored sheets and pillow cases for background (My wife is very nice about this!)
  • And a LARGE stack of photography books.

The problem is, is that I now have a bad case of LAD (Lens Aquisition Disorder), but lenses are just too expensive. I haven't bought any new shaving stuff in a long time, with one exception for the QED Sandalwood/Rose group buy, because I'm saving up for new camera gear.

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