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What Brown leaf 'good stuff' are you waiting on to be delivered?


Fridays are Fishtastic!
We dont do "what have you ordered? " threads. We do acqisition threads with pics of the booty.
I am waiting on:
5 Romeo y Julieta cabinet seleccion love story
2 Oliva serie g special g
2 Arturo Fuente Hemingway short story
1 Punch champion (i think my preference for short cigars is showing)
1 tin of Romeo y Julieta 1875 Romeos
1 Acid blondie for a non-smoking friend to celebrate the birth of his son (whenever that happens ill be ready!)
And 1 25ct humidor to finally free me from the tyranny of a poorly stocked B&M with the WORST walk in humidor on the planet. Every single cigar is dry as a bone. Its criminal.
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$mr brog churchwarden.JPG

It's an ebay purchase.. My first ever pipe. Starting Small. Tobacco is in a jar waiting patiently in my cupboard. I walk past it many times a day, crack the jar, smell it deeply and imagine quiet, personal space on the back verandah... me time. It's been 8 days, estimated delivery time of 10-12 days. These last days, they're testing. :)

OH, there's this also, super cheap from ebay:
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I haven't even gotten my first pipe yet and already have traded for this model, it's not and exact picture of the pipe but is the same style and finish. I will probably get this one before my cob gets here.
Received my order from pipesandcigars.com this morning
2- Missouri Meerschaum MacArthur bent pipes
1-8oz can of Sutliff Private Stock Blend No. 5
1-8oz can of Hearth & Home Signature Series AJ's VaPer

I really love the my new MacArthur pipes, I can't wait to load one up with the Blend No. 5 and see how this English blend smokes in these pipes.
I'll post a picture of me smoking it soon for everyone.
Waiting for my next order from pipesandcigars.com
2-Missouri Meerschaum Freehand pipes
1-8oz can of Sutliff Private Stock CD Blend
1-8oz can of Hearth & Home Signature Series Larry's Blend

Really looking forward to trying the English blend and my twin brothers really looking forward to trying the CD blend, plus we're both adding to our corn cob collection! :)
Just received my order from pipesandcigars.com 3-days early!!:thumbup1:
2-Missouri Meerschaum Freehands
1-8 oz tin of Hearth & Home Signature series Larry's Blend
1-8-oz tin of Sutliff Private Stock CD Blend

pipesandcigars.com is the best when it comes to customer service and prompt delivery. I really love ordering my tobacco products from Russ and his gang.
I'm waiting on (
"The idea of waiting for something makes it more exciting". Andy Warhol), a box (25), of Cuban Montecristo No. 3's (5½ x 42), and 10 Cuban Romeo y Julieta Churchills (7 x 46), cigars. :drool:
"My tastes are simple: I am easily satisfied with the best". Sir Winston S. Churchill
I'm waiting on a box of RyJ Wide Churchills and also a box of Partagas Culebras
I know you and buddies will have a great conversation piece & talking point and a bit of fun when you share your Culebras! :thumbsup:

Enjoy your smokes Dude!
“To Smoke is Human; To Smoke Cigars is Divine”. Anonymous
I'm waiting on a box of RyJ Wide Churchills and also a box of Partagas Culebras
Nice haul as usual. Culebras are certainly intriguing - and I hear very good things about the RyJ Wide Churchills. You and The Count are going big with box purchases!
You and The Count are going big with box purchases!
Thanx for the 'shout-out', support and for sharing! :thumbsup:

I'm honored to be so well spoken of
...don't want the Mrs. to overhear you...'mums the word' OK?.

"Smoking cigars is like falling in love. First, you are attracted by its shape; you stay for its flavor, and you must always remember never to let the flame go out”! Sir Winston S. Churchill
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