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What Brown leaf 'good stuff' are you waiting on to be delivered?


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I’m excited to see what you two think. If either of you are turned off, PM me, I’ll gladly pay you all you’ve got tied up in it. Most of the time the unobtainable blends are special to me but don’t usually knock my socks off.

This one does. It’s just a “me” tobacco.

If I ever see it I’ll be sure to pick some up for trading maybe if you have an stock exchange tag.



I’m excited to see what you two think. If either of you are turned off, PM me, I’ll gladly pay you all you’ve got tied up in it. Most of the time the unobtainable blends are special to me but don’t usually knock my socks off.
Got a kid home sick from school today. Looks like a head cold but the school is being extra cautious so I probably won’t get to try it for a few days at least. I’ll let you know what I think when I do.


A few pouches that were on offer, to buy myself a few more months extra ageing time, before I have to crack my first tins from the new "cellar". It should mean that whatever tin I open first, has had at least a year of ageing. :thumbup1:

25g Erinmore Mixture
50g Brookfield No.4 (Bourbon)
40g Gold Block
40g Three Nuns
50g GH Louisiana Flake

I found them at up to 25% off, at a tobacconist that seems to be giving up (maybe 70% or more of what's listed is out of stock). They might be slow moving stock that's dried out a bit, but I can stuff a slice of apple in the bag if I need to.
I gave my son another of my Grabows. I’ve come to appreciate having Grabows. They are dependable smokers and perfect for my forest walks. A nice step up from the usual outdoor cob.

So I now await a replacement Royalton smooth billiard ... which are interesting as Grabows go.
I was perusing eBay last night, not looking for anything special, when I came across an estate Lovat, brand-name of "Drummond." Didn't look like anything special, but since I live on Drummond Island it caught my eye. As far as I know, there's no connection between the island and the brand, so I was hesitant. I saved it to look at again later, and continued browsing. Shortly after, I got an email saying the seller had made me an offer and dropped the price $10. Well, if you insist....
It was a rainy, cold day here so I made two orders on a variety of things I've never tried before.

At Boswells, I ordered the following in 2oz samplers

Boswell Chocolate Cream
Boswell Christmas Cookie
Boswell Bear Blend
Boswell No Bite DeLite
Boswell Sweet & Mild
Boswell Sweet Tea
Boswell Piper's Pleasure
Samuel Gawith Grousemoor (finally found it!)

At TobaccoPipes, I ordered the following
Presbyterian, 1 tin (I know SP has it cheaper but I wasn't going to make a 3rd order and pay the shipping)
Samuel Gawith Chocolate Flake, 1 tin
Sutliff D54 Chocolate Supreme, 2oz
Sutliff Ready Rubbed, 2oz
Two Friends English Chocolate, 2oz

A bunch of pipe cleaners

I've never tried anything from Boswells. Not sure why...the more I read the reviews on tobaccoreviews the more I kept adding 2oz of more blends into the cart.
From TP
4 tins of 4TH Generation Small Batch Peaty Kentucky Rope Cut

16oz of Sutliff Ready Rubbed
All the pipe tobacco I've smoked over the years and I've never tried Sutliff Ready Rubbed. I grabbed 2oz on my order yesterday to see what I've missed.

Tonight I grabbed a jar of Mac Baren Virginia #1 that's been jarred for 5 years. Popped the seal and it's the best VA I think I've ever smelled. Smells like a great southern sweet tea. Maybe it smelled like that when I bought it, can't remember haha. I find myself opening the mason jar over and over again to take in the smell. If it wasn't 34 degrees, I'd fire a bowl up. Who knows, might become an island blend.

I'm seriously trying to dedicate going through everything I currently have, test the final blends I've been curious about and haven't tried to find my top 15-20 blends and bulk those for aging and enjoyment. I have far too many 2-3 ounce mason jars of dozens of blends.
Item NameUOMQtyPriceDiscExt Price
H. Upmann 1844 Reserve RobustoSingle17.210.007.21
Padron LondresSingle15.300.005.30
Partagas Black ProntosTin of 6118.690.0018.69
Partagas #2Single18.290.008.29
Perdomo 10th Anniversary Maduro RobustoSingle48.250.0033.00
Perdomo 10th Anniversary Sun Grown RobustoSingle18.250.008.25
Perdomo Small Batch Maduro Half CoronaSingle55.000.0025.00
Perdomo Small Batch Sun Grown Half CoronaSingle25.000.0010.00
La Gloria Cubana Gloria ExtraSingle16.990.006.99
La Gloria Cubana Serie R Esteli 54Single17.790.007.79
La Gloria Cubana Serie R #4 MaduroSingle17.690.007.69
La Aroma de Cuba CoronaSingle25.400.0010.80
La Aroma de Cuba Mi Amor ChurchillSingle18.500.008.50
La Aroma de Cuba Mi Amor RobustoSingle17.500.007.50
Old Henry CoronaSingle34.750.0014.25
Old Henry RuntSingle24.250.008.50
Old Henry Gold Label CoronaSingle14.750.004.75

My Father EminentesSingle48.800.0035.20
Romeo y Julieta 1875 Nicaragua ToroSingle17.630.007.63
Holt's Guillotine Cutter - Set of 5
Holt's Guillotine Cutter

Bit of Nicaraguan fiend lately. Should try some milder smokes, maybe the Dominican.
I've ordered a packet of Sir Walter Raleigh and one of Half & Half. Old School for sure. I've never smoked 'em, but positive comments here and on smokingpipes (and their low price) convinced me to try. Of course i can always mix in a little of the aromatic chocolate-and-maple I've been using.

By the way, can you still buy pipe cleaners at the store, like Walmart? I'd thought maybe you could find them in the craft section. Or would I have to go to a smoke shop?
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