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What blades do you like to use in your Mamba 53?

Just doing a little research here to get a general idea of how it shaves.

I like mine with blades that are subjectively "sharp", though it performs well with everything I've tried in it.

Usual picks are: Feather, Med Prep, vintage Personna SPC, Treet Dura Sharp.
Thanks for the responses. I'm just trying to get an idea of what this razor is really like. Due to the mixed opinions on this razor, I really don't know whether to be intrigued by it or not.
I'd call the original stainless Mamba a mild shaving razor that only allows blade contact at very close to optimal attack angle (so long as you use light pressure). However, unless you have several days growth, this doesn't mean that it won't effectively remove whiskers... I get a SAS+ to DFS shave from it with two passes. If you only shave a couple times a week, or have extremely fast growing or thick whiskers, it might not handle that as well, but for those of us with normal-ish facial hair and who shave at least every other day, it's certainly up to the task (YMMV of course).

If you enjoy aggressive razors or want a challenge, don't bother, if you like smooth shaves without any chance of elective surgery, I highly recommend the Mamba (the .70 baseplate is no better and allows you to scrape shave if you do it wrong, plus it still can't come close to an OC head for removing longer growth).
Mamba 53 is one of my favorites razors. I usually pair it with Astra SP but I use variety of other blades like Shark SS, Treet Platinum RPL, etcs.

It's a mild shaver and one of those that I can go auto-pilot with. I usually go for a DFS shave but I can see how it can struggle with getting a BBS. I'll experiment with it later on but so far, I'm happy with the razor.
To clarify, BBS is certainly possible (as it is with most razors IME), just not with two quick passes!
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The 53 was my every day razor for a good 6 months before I went crazy buying every razor ever.

the angle is weird. The blade exposure feels negative. You will always have a hard time getting a completely clean shave imo. You will never cut yourself though. Ever.

I actually like the mamba 70 and bbs both quite a bit more than the m53, even though I will always have a soft spot for it.
There’s definitely nothing like it.

pretty sure I used Israeli red personnas in mine when I used it every day.
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