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What Blades Can You Buy Locally

The choice of the de blades I can get locally are very limited in my area. What de blades can you buy in your local area?

The blades I can Buy from my local area are remarked Personna German blades, vdh primary blades(Germany) and five pack blades from China with assured for men, Daxton, and Shavely's.
Gillette Wilkinson Sword
Gillette 7 O'clofk super platinum black
Gillette winner
Gillette permasharp green
Supermax stainless
Supermax Super Platinum
Supermax Diamond Edge
Topaz triple coated
Lazer ultra
10s of other blades I can't recollect
In my town, across several stores I frequent, these are the only available options:

King C Gillette
Van der Hagen
Walgreens (purportedly some Personna varient)

That’s it. It’s a bit disappointing.
I haven't checked lately, but in the past I've been able to find:

King C Gillettes
Store brand Personnas
Store brand Dorcos
Assured Brand blades that come with the Dollar Tree 3 piece and TTO razors they sometimes carry.
Walmart had Wilkinsons l used to get but its 40 miles away and its more convenient to buy online. I get Brut and Old Spice locally but they no longer carry Skin Bracer here.
Big Box, Big Chain Grocery, Big Chain Pharmacy’s sell next to nothing.

I use eBay found several seller in USA that are competitive, good luck with seller out of India with good EBay rep points.
Very few DE blades, less than a half dozen offerings (at least in regular supermarkets and pharmacies). The market here is almost entirely cartridges and disposables, and dozens of them. You actually have to look hard to find the DE blades among the racks of cartridges and disposables. :(

The DE blades that are available are also very expensive. Typically around $1.40-1.50 per blade, which is 5-15 times the cost for me to bulk buy them online.

Besides cost, there is also the vaster range of DE blades to choose from online.

I bulk buy online, you won't be surprised to learn. :cool:
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