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What blade do you use?

I have just ordered a gillette Fat Boy and Supper Speed, and I wanted to know what blades mats people use with theese razors. I have read where some say that Feathers are good in a Merkur HD, but very rough in a Gillette SS. Also, have read even some who say US personna are great in Gillettes I know that in an HD they are not good. Please list your blade preferance with your particular razor.
It is a total YMMV thing that you have to try for your yourself, to be honest. Since I have 50-some blades from John, plus the Merkurs I already had and 100 Derbys off e-Bay, I am still using and rotating the 4 major flavors (minus the Merkurs) just for the fun of it. I can get a very good shave with any of them which is the challenge, but some are more challenging than others... :biggrin:



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I've had very good success with Israeli Personnas, Derbys, Swedish Gillettes, and Feathers. Each seems to find a place in one of my razors.
Thanks to the donations of a few generous friends I've fallen in love with Derby and Tesco blades (especially the Tesco blades - these rock.)... Thanks to my benevolent sponsors.
The Feather and a Gillette Adjustable appears to be a winning combination. Still experimenting though as I'm new to the many types of blades available.
I almost wept when I tried my first feather blade, made the merkur's I was using look like butter knives!

However you may find a different brand is perfect for you. What I did was get order a sampler pack from letterk. Just send him a PM. My sampler came with Feathers, Merkur, Derby, Swedish Gillette, and Israelli.

Have fun.
Derby's seem to be the belle of the ball, at the moment. But, in my HD a Feather cuts so smoothly. I really need the Derby's to save my neck from the irritation that would ensue if I used the Feathers...
Swedish Gillettes in my Gillette Heavyweight Superspeed (nickfree shaving). Oddly enough, they don't work in my Gillette 1968 Knack. Derby extra and BIC in my other razors.
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