What badger knot? 30 usd budget

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    Calling out for help all you like making your brushes or do brush restoration. I have read a lot of feedback here but opinions vary between time periods which is logical.

    I would like to buy a badger knot for a brush project . I have a very low budget, around 30 usd.

    My experience with badger brushes is very limited. I have a nice vintage brush but it is a bit scritchy.

    I would like that the knot be dense, have good backbone and feel soft on the face. It will be a 24mm one. I hope I can get such with my budget.

    1. Should I go for a silvertip or a two band?

    2. Where should I get it? So far I have seen some affordable offerings from Maggard, Vig Shaving and Shaveforge (on the bay). If any of you have experiences with them please share.

    Thank you guys.
  1. 2 Band Badger/Boar 24mm Maggards Razor.com
    Around $25.00.
    There great Knots.
    Or try a 70/30 Knot.

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  2. Another one to check out would be Whipped Dog. I don’t have any personal experience with their badger knots but they seem to get mostly positive reviews.
  3. Envy shave lux silvertip $35
    Its a great knot
  4. TGN, 23mm Premium Silvertip 29.00
  5. jar_

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    I strongly recommend the knots from Whipped Dog, TGN and particularly, Brad Sears. Never much cared what the knot was called, rather I always have simply told them what experience I wanted as the final result and let them tell me what to get. The more information you give them the more likely the end result will be as you expect.
  6. I second this advice. I’m a big fan of Maggard’s 70/30 knot. I think the break in period is longer than with a knot made entirely of badger, but it’s worth it in the end. If you want a more traditional knot, go with Maggard’s two band badger.
  7. Well, that price is for a 20 mm. My desire is for a 24 mm knot and which changes the price.

    Great tip. Already did it with TGN.

    Nice. Thank you.

    Anyone has bought knots from Shaveforge seller?
  8. Also consider ACE and Virginia Sheng on ebay.

    Meggard two band is one of my favorite knots, but in 26 mm and above. Their 24 mm just isn't as nice.

    As to if it should be Finest (including two band and high mountain) or silvertip it depends on what you want in a brush. Finest has more backbone while silvertip has a softer face feel.
  9. I went with a Vig sheng 2 band. Hope it turns out well .
  10. Keep us posted (please)!!
  11. We need updates!
  12. I will report in 3 weeks as my knot hasn't arrived yet. I hope I will not regret going for a vigshaving badger knot. I will definitely let you know guys.

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