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what attracts you ?

just wondered what attracts you to a particular soap, with me it's probably the picture on the tub that attracts me firstly then i read the scent and if i like the sound of the scent, then I'm in, what's your reasons😁


Only soap I've bought recently was that triple milled artisan from RazoRock... and the fact that it was a triple milled artisan did.

In the past, an ingredient list that looked like they knew what they were doing. Then probably a scent that sounded like I'd enjoy it.
Ingredients lists. I know what i want and dont want included in a soap base. After that, it is scent.
I don't care at all about packaging. Whenever possible i buy pucks wrapped in paper and put them in my old containers anyway. Trying to shave with the smallest possible carbon footprint.
Many of the soaps I purchased in the beginning were a leap of faith based on a general consensus found in the forums. Many of those originals are now staples. Established brands, tried and true works for me. Nothing is going on my face but soap, so post shave feel and nourishing ingredients are important. Also willing to give lesser known value offerings a chance.
For me, it'd have to be in this order: Performance, Scent, ingredient, and presentation.

Performance is of course the most important but for new products, you can't really tell unless you go off of reviews.
Scent is very subjective but I do enjoy a lot of EO citrus/bright scents. Anything too musky/spicy/dark is no-go for me.
Ingredient is pretty simple; not too much coconut oil and I stay away from SLES/stuff like that.
Presentation... I like it when the soap has clean labels with good presentation. Good for pictures and I like to enjoy seeing it.


Performance- If it doesn't perform to my tastes or what my skin likes, I won't use it.

Scent- If I don't like the way it smells I won't use it.

When it comes to packaging I could care less.
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