What AS did you FINISH today?

Discussion in 'Aftershaves' started by BigJ, Dec 29, 2018.

  1. johnwick

    johnwick Contributor

    Finished off a sample of B&M Reserve Spice today. One of the freebies that had only enough for three shaves. But I’ll take it as a victory... I enjoy finishing up anything these days, no matter how small! The Spice is a nice rendition of Old Spice to my nose. If I weren’t in the sabbatical I suspect I’d purchase it. Not only is the scent pleasant but the skin feel is terrific. Alas; I haven’t had SWMBO smell it yet. I suspect it might be a bit “old mannish” for her tastes. While I enjoy Bay rums and spice type scents, I get the “shaking head looks” from her as I’m only in my mid thirties.
  2. Last few drops in a travel spray bottle for Proraso Red.
    Fortunately, two more bottles arrived in the mail recently.
  3. Good man!! Take a ‘victory’ any day! :a14::a14:
  4. I killed my bottle of Soap Commander Honor splash a couple days ago; bought it when they launched their splashes last September.

    Was it worth $25? Hell yes.

    Fortunately, I've had an unopened bottle squirrelled away since November.
  5. Didn’t finish today but really close so I ordered a new bottle of Tabac yesterday.
  6. mrlandpirate

    mrlandpirate Contributor

    Ogallala Bay Rum lime & peppercorn
  7. Good man!!

    (Unfortunately, I used the same rationale and ordered TWO more AS!! :a13::a13:)
  8. Ha ha! I get that same reaction from my War Department and I'm close enough to an old man!
  9. Finished my bottle of Sterling Baker Street AS recently. I'm using my Sterling sample bottles now. It was the first AS I actually ordered online instead of using BRUT. I wasn't shaving daily so it lasted me a loooooong time lol.
  10. Oh well. Don’t worry, it will ultimately prove to be one of your best decisions ever.
  11. My first bottle of Chiseled Face Ghost Town Barber
  12. Good man!! :a14::a14:
  13. After ~2½ years, and changes of opinion, I finally killed my big 300ml (10.1 fl oz) bottle of Tabac.

    It was a good scent, but I didn't love it. I won't be buying another.
  14. 300 ml!! Congratulations!! (You should get credit for finishing THREE regular sized AS!) :a29:
  15. I finished a bottle of Proraso Green a few weeks ago. It feels strangely satisfying to finish a bottle or a soap doesn’t it? I replaced the empty Proraso with Fine Snakebite as i wanted a menthol low scented replacement. They’re completely different animals. I love the Fine but I think I may get another bottle of Proraso it’s great stuff.
  16. +1! The green is terrific! :a29::a29:

    I am slowly working through a 400 ml bottle.
  17. I finally killed my bottle of Fine American Blend aftershave splash.

    The only redeeming quality is the scent; nothing else. Will not buy again.
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  18. Congratulations!! :a14::a14:
  19. The standard (150ml) bottle of Floid Vigoroso.
    From about 3/5's full, i decided it was time to burn through this one. The wife disapproved of it one day out of the blue, and i'm glad its finished. I won't get this again.
  20. Congratulations!! :a14::a14::a14:

    Love the Vig!! (But I have a LONG way to go with my 400 ml bottle.)

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