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What are your top three favorite shaving creams?

1) XPEC (Unscented)

2)Santa Maria Novella

3)tie between ABC(has Almond scent) and Castle Forbes Lime(or Lavender)

DRH Sandalwood and tube version AdP. Both of these soft creams offer excellent lubricity. DRH Sandalwood SC scent: pleasant, rich in deep and middle notes, sandalwood-like, mild-to-moderate in intensity. Tube AdP SC scent: mild, 'soapy'.
Third favourite: any other DRH SC offering [except for the Lavender, but only because of my dislike for colorants. Otherwise DRH Lavender is the best smelling SC lavender around, IMO]. Edit: excluding DRH Rose too for same reason [colorant].
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Fussy Evil Genius
Y'all are really making me think!

DRH Eucalyptus
DRH Arlington

The third is a seasonal matter:

Warm weather -- Trumper's Limes
Cold weather -- Simpson Cafe Latte

I don't know how Trumper's Rose missed the list, cuz I adore it.
Mine seem to change with my mood, but I always come back to:

La Toja
TOBS Mr Taylor
T&H 1805 (Or T&H Grafton... dang, I cant decide!)
Soooo many enjoyable creams. Today I'll say:
O Melhor
Musgo Real
AOS Lemon (using it now and I can't find a weak spot!)
The first two have lanolin and I love the post shave feel.
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