What are your thoughts on slants?

Discussion in 'Double Edged Razors' started by Rusty Blade, Jun 12, 2019.

    In my shave gear inventory I have every kind of razor...except a slant DE. I watched a video of a guy shaving with a slant and I wondered why I never wandered down this path. Is it just a gimmick? Or does a slant DE give a better shave? Do you use a slant and if so, what are your opinions on this kind of razor? Since I don't have one I am thinking I should buy one and give it a try. Is there a particular one you might recommend?
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    If you are unsure you might buy a Merkur 37c or 39c. You can buy them at a reasonable price and return it if you don't like it.

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  2. I’ve only used an att S1 slant. It’s a nice shaver. It’s smooth. Not sure if that is only from slanted head profile. Wasn’t a game changer or anything to me but I like it.
  3. I've seen them mentioned, but I'm not even familiar with the premise. I'll have to look into it.
  4. Have one that was gifted to me from an item I purchased on the BST....haven’t tried it yet, having too much fun with the razor I bought.

    I should give it a shot tomorrow.
  5. Slants are very efficient shavers, but you do feel more of the blade. Some people love them, some people don’t like them. They’re worth trying at least once in your shaving career, imo.
  6. I tried a merkur and an ikon and didn't understand the appeal of a slant. I understand the concept of it but am not sure the reality matches the claims. I am not sure if there is a slant and non-slant version of the same razor with the same blade gap and exposure to test the theory if the slicing guillotine is smoother or more efficient. I honestly think the razor could work better someone but just because it fits them better like any other razor they might find.
  7. I enjoy my RR German 37 very much.
    It is RRs version of the Merkur 37C.
    Very efficient razor.
    I brought it with me on my Steamboat Springs getaway.
    I am considering a RR Wunderbar or ATT S1 as a future birthday present.
    As a result of an “experiment” with this razor. My technique improved and I am getting my best shaved ever with my 34HD. (I am two weeks away from my 1 year DE anniversary.)
    I still have lots to learn.
  8. Chan Eil Whiskers

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    I like slants. Used them a lot last Slantember.

    Slants FourSlants.4Slants.MySlants.9-18.640.jpg

    I have only these four but may get two more.
  9. I also have tried only 1 slant, the RR German 37. It’s a great, efficient, and slightly aggressive razor...plus it’s available at a reasonable cost. I still prefer a regular DE more often, given the choice, but I’m glad I have it.
  10. Slants are not worth the hype.
    Move on!
  11. You alone will determine whether it works well for you. The Merkur 37/39c is probably the best place to start; for less than $20 you can get the RR German 37 clone of the 37c. If it works for you, you will want the stainless Wunderbar; a great shaver and very well priced.
  12. I like slant razors. I recommend the Merkur 37c without reservation. It is slightly more aggressive than the Merkur 34c HD.
  13. As others said you are the only one who can determine if it works for you
    I own bunch of them but some of them are to aggressive for my sensitive skin and others can't give me what I am looking for so now they are all for sale
  14. Slants are efficient but it takes more control on my part. I can't shave with them like how I shave with my Merkur 34C. I got to pay attention to each stroke and make sure I don't go crazy. But overall, I like their aggressive and efficient points.
  15. shave/brush

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    I feel they give a very smooth shave. I have had several slants over the years but I think my favorite one was the Merkur 37. It can make any blade feel smooth. Worth a try for sure.
  16. What is that razor with the immense base plate in the middle in the stand?
  17. Love my RR 37 German slant. It was cheap. I rarely use it now tho. It's actually kinda boring it's so efficient.
  18. A little while back I was also new to slants & always wanted to give one a try. I ended up getting a Razorock Wundabar & absolutely love it. Certainly not an every day razor as its slightly aggressive but fun to use & the build quality is very impressive..the top cap is much more solid than on normal safety razors which I really like. Its also increadibly efficient mowing down several days growth with ease but it is quite pricey compared to some of the other offerings on the market however taking i to account that its made of stainless & is built like a tank I dont regret the purchase for a second.
  19. Yep, this.

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