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What are your favorite Tube Creams?

In no particular order

LEA Menthol
TOBS - Almond
Palmolive Classic
La Toja
From the tube creams I own....my favorites are:

Proraso Red
La Toja
Musgo Real Classic

I have some LEA Classic, Palmolive, and Cella Extra Bio incoming so I'll see how they compare to the above favorites.


So many great Tube creams!
But, don't forget, in many cases, their great Tub siblings!
Essentially same product, just different package!

tube creames.jpg
No love here for Cremo? I tried Cremo for a week and compared it to Proraso Green (C.O. Bigelow) the following week. I found that the Cremo seemed to stop any minor nicks from continuing to bleed, whereas the Proraso Green didn't.
Palmolive Classic
Proraso Red
The older Erasmic tube back 10 years ago
The Gillette regular tube from 15 years ago that had peanut oil in it (the current Indian Regular doesn't and is not as good)
The latest Omega tube is actually excellent
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