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What are Your Favorite Parts of our Shaving Hobby?

I like many aspects of the hobby. Started because wanted a better shave. That was accomplished on day one.
Then started enjoying the process. Graduated from Cremo to soaps and a brush , then added a couple of razors. Accumulated four razors but only use 2. This won't be a rad, sad or bad hobby for me. It will continue because the experience is very relaxing and satisfying on a daily basis.
My answer has pretty much been said by several others, so all I'm doing is posting a second (or third, fourth, fifth, etc).

-my shaves are as close as they ever have been (easily at least more so, but we will go with conservative estimates)
-my shaves are 100% more comfortable with less razor burn
-i also like the connection with the past. My dad, grandpa, and great grandpa shaved this way
-with connecting to the past, I also like antiques that I can actually use. And are as good of an option as any modern option. And is often cheaper (ok almost always)
-I shave with SRs so honing is a hobby all its own.
-Particularly with straight razors, it's literally possible to buy something used by a revolutionary war veteran for around $50, hone it, use it, and it will be just as serviceable as any similarly priced modern option.
What are your favorite parts of our DE or SE shaving hobby? This can be anything from starting or taking a break from your day for zen like 10-20 minutes while shaving to specific elements of the process or the types of hardware (e.g. razors) or software (e.g. soaps, creams, blades that we use. I'll start.

My favorite two elements are:
  • DE shaving provides a relaxing 15 minute break from the day-to-day that is quite relaxing as I focus on each step of the process from my pre-shave face wash to the creation of great lather and then executing the shave itself. While shaving anything else is tuned out.
  • Lather Creation from Shaving Soap, this is the one element were we actually create the final finished good, the shaving lather. I really enjoy experimenting with all the different elements that are part of this from choosing a soap (or blending one), deciding on which brush will work best and then adjusting the variables such loading or adding water that effect the lather quality.
Early on I did experiment with different blades but found that, with my beard and technique, they shave in similar fashion with the exception of actual blade longevity (# of shaves). Regarding software I was able to, over my first year, settle on the two synthetic and one boar brush that allow me to create great lather from any soap. Also settled on a couple of razors that really work well for me and see no need to experiment further.

What do you enjoy most about our hobby?
Perfect stated! It’s as gratifying to me as making a perfect roux, omelette or steak. I as well look forward to a few minutes of turning off an overly busy brain and focusing on a pure task without distraction to obtain a satisfying result. The perfect way to start a day.


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This forum. That's the nearest thing to a hobby for me with shaving.

I'd already been double edge shaving for 25 years before I signed up here. However, it was a pretty simplistic endeavour. After signing up here, I did try various new things, but have drifted back to simple shaving again.

I do have a stockpile of consumables now though (soap and blades), and have a few spare natural brushes. I keep one hard soap, one cream, and one sample sized scoop of a tub soap in the bathroom at a time. A new one only goes out when one if those is finished. There's usually two brushes to choose from too. However, the individual shaves themselves have gone back to being almost as simple as they were before I signed up to Badger and Blade. Just as effective, just as close, and just as comfortable.

The biggest change is that I now more than one option before me when I go to shave (three soaps/creams, two razors, and two brushes), and I have a forum to discuss shaving (but more often non-shaving) topics on... but shaving itself never really became a hobby for me. Nor did the associated shopping. I've still spent less in my 30 years of DE shaving than I would have done on cartridges and foam, and now that I have a bit of a stockpile of consumables, I'll have very little expenditure ahead of me for a good few years.
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