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What are your favorite iron gall inks?

Recently I've been looking to save on paper and have had some issues with bleed through with the paper, and I've heard that iron gall inks are pretty good for those kinds of paper. And I've also heard that Diamine registrars ink and Rohrer & Klingner Salix are both pretty popular. But I'd just like to know what Iron Gall ink in general to consider. And of course if they happen to cause noticeable corrosion.


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Platinum Blue-Black is my favorite ink for minimizing bleed through and otherwise playing nice with cheap paper. It is indeed an IG ink, but a quite mild one that hasn’t harmed my steel nibs. The color is more of a navy than a true blue-black, but it’s nice. I also really enjoy R&K Salix. It has a fabulous midnight blue color and is also really good on bleed- through and feathering. However, compared to Platinum BB, it has a longer drying time and I tend to smear it if I’m not careful. When I had Salix in a steel nib pen, I didn’t have any issues. Now I mainly use it in a gold nib pen.
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R&K's Scabiosa (and Salix) perform well, but I was shocked at how much Scabiosa color washed away when some of mine got inadvertently wet. I did like the dry down on the Scabiosa at a dark purple, but thought Salix too light/bright a blue for my taste.

Diamine's Registrar's performed well, but left a lot of particulate stuck to the walls the bottle after I ran through it. I have to imagine the same happened to feeds. it dried down to an expected blackish if laid down wet, variations of grey as it laid down dryer.

ESS's Registrar's is my favorite and loaded in several pens. their shipping seems to have gone up since I bought mine. it generally dries down to a dark navy color.

Noodler's Heart of Darkness has been a super stable, usable permanent black that I've had a bottle of for... 7 odd years. it's not an IG, but...


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Vintage Montblanc or Pelikan

Maybe some Waterman blue-black (yellow label) USA

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