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What are your favorite go-to energy drinks?

Most of the Bang line-up I find delightful.

I also like the Rockstar Orange, Fruit Punch, & Lemon Recovery flavors.

Can't handle an of them with sugar. I find them way too sweet. I enjoy the caffeine.

For those of you that indulge, what do you like?
I love the Bang Rainbow Unicorn flavor. It tastes almost exactly like a pink Starburst. Big fan of the Rockstar Xdurance drinks as well. Specifically, the strawberry flavor.


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Can't handle an of them with sugar. I find them way too sweet. I enjoy the caffeine.
Coffee for me.

I don't like typical energy drinks ... far too many nasty chemicals over and above the sugar issue. I far prefer nootropics such as the Onnit offerings like Alpha Brain and Shroomtech Sport.
Monster white sugarfree for me.
And for nootropics... Racetams are good but I'll take modafinil if I really need to keep the mind sharp through a day.

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Black coffee.
When I was in the Navy, we used coffee off the mess deck to strip the floor because it usually had grounds mixed in with what you drink.
I still use that as a gauge for good coffee.
Bang Cherry Blade Lemonade is a favorite.

C4 Ultimate if I really need to keep going beyond.

Half a Redline for really crazy days, 12-14 hours or more.
Gin. Lots of it.
Same here. 2-3 cups of strong black coffee early to wake me up, then it's G&T's from 10am-4pm, when it's back to coffee and lots of water before bed.

My son-in-law, a computer geek, (early to mid-30's) used to down "energy" drinks, until he had a seizure at our house and we had to call an ambulance to take him to the hospital. Really scary watching someone flop around while trying to help him not swallow his tongue. The police officer who responded with the ambulance, told me that he sees way too many seizures in young people with "energy" drinks seeming to be a common link. After a day of tests, the hospital found no other medical cause for his seizure. He's backed off or quit energy drinks (I don't ask) but he hasn't had another episode. For those using them, just be careful. Same with Death Wish coffee. I love the stuff, but caffeine levels are thru the roof, so I drink it in moderation.
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