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What are your favorite Captain's Choice soaps and/or creams?

Hey B&B members,

So, I was fortunate enough 🍀 to win a recent Captain's Choice
contest. Thank you, Scott!!! @Captain Pre-Capsize

I have heard about these products for years but getting them
overseas was a challenge until recently. So, now I am in a bit
of a quandary...what to choose ⁉️

Mrs. Sukeroku is not a big fan of aftershaves (but an amazing cook)
so I will limit myself to soaps and creams.

So, what are your three favorite Captain's Choice soaps/creams and why?
(One caveat, I am not a big menthol guy...my skin can't take it).

Anchors Away!!!

I got the shaving cream and aftershave sampler pack. I like all the scents, but I ended up buying full tubs and aftershaves of Land Ho (recently discontinued), 45th Parallel, and Island Time.

If I had to pick one favorite that would be 45th Parallel. It's a very sweet almond and cherry scent. I like it because it's unique and I don't have anything else like it. A nice contrast to my Southern Witchcrafts doom and gloom scents.
I have Nor'Easter, Italia and Land Ho. All smell nice. I have better lathering and shave experience with the creams vs soaps. For some odd reason, I can't get the soaps to lather properly, but the creams do fine....YMMV.
Nor'easter has some menthol, but a nice scent. Venture is quite pleasant despite being similar to Aventus, it's not exactly the same. I liked Land Ho, but that was discontinued. Italia has the Italian almond scent, while unoriginal, it's not bad. 45th Parallel reminded me of cough syrup for some reason, not a favorite.
Venture = very nice masculine cologne scent
Nor'easter = aquatic with some cooling
45th Parallel = beautiful dark cherry scent
Italia = the almond scent that Cella wants to be
So, I was fortunate enough 🍀 to win a recent Captain's Choice
contest. Thank you, Scott!!! @Captain Pre-Capsize

Mrs. Sukeroku is not a big fan of aftershaves (but an amazing cook)
so I will limit myself to soaps and creams.

Winning a Captain's Choice product can really send one down the rabbit hole. I've been a CC fan since winning an early bottle of CC Bay Rum aftershave at a B&B meet-up in 2011. I favor Bay Rum scents because they fade quicker than most others. After winning the aftershave, I began buying the BR soap, which at that time, was sold under the RazoRock label. I also liked the North soap and aftershave, although the soap has since been discontinued. I haven't tried other scents that have come out since.

Don't ignore the aftershaves. You have to at least experience the warming of a Captain's Cat O' Nine Tails aftershave, if you can get a hold of it. I'm not a fan of aftershaves that hang around for hours, and Captain's Choice fits the bill. The scent of my favorite aftersaves, Captain's Co9T, Bay Rum and North, fade quick enough that you and your wife shouldn't have a problem.


I'm a Lumberjack.
45th parallel is my absolute favorite of the lot (and the most unique scent)
Next is cat o nine tails. (I guess aftershave so possibly not applicable) (Another unique scent)


More Deep Thoughts than Jack Handy
Some folks might disagree, but I think Captain's Choice is known for their Bay Rum. Admittedly, I'm a Bay Rum fan and I have many Bay Rum soaps, creams and aftershaves. Captain's Choice Bay Rum is a no-nonsense, true Bay Rum scent that I enjoy using. The performance of their Bay Rum soap is excellent...I used it this morning. A close second for me is their Sandalwood scent.
I find the Captain's shave balms fantastic. I have a number of of them. The performance is superb.

I like the bay rum, 42nd parallel, venture and nor easter scents. You won't go wrong what ever you choose.

There might be an issue buying aftershave due to postal restrictions and the alcohol base as you're not in the US.
Thank you for all the great responses

I decided to go with:

1 Bay Rum Shaving Soap

1 45th Parallel Shaving Cream

1 Venture Shaving Cream

This put me slightly over my gift certificate of value of $50 ($50.85)
but Scott waived the difference and, because it was a contest,
the international shipping is free! Amazing!

I will post pics and my impressions of all the products on my
Sunday shave "What straight did you use today?" posts.

Thank you again, Scott! @Captain Pre-Capsize
I am a lover of Captains Choice products. I've tried a few shave soap samples, but haven't sampled all the scents.

The only shave soap that I have in full size, is CC Italia, now that is my most favorite scent from CC so far. I also have the matching aftershave splash!


My second favorite scent from CC, is Venture! I agree that it is a masculine scent, smells just like Creed Aventus Cologne! I don't have CC Venture shave soap yet, I only own the aftershave in Venture. Ya ya I know, I should fix that.


I agree that 45th parallel is a lovely scent, I enjoyed the sample of it. But I am not a fan of the Cat O Nine Tails scent. If you are somebody who loves to stick cloves in your Christmas ham, you will enjoy Cat O Nine Tails. But as I do not like the cloves scent, I say its a pass for me.


I have tried the Lime shave soap, and the lime aftershave balm. What I will say is, I prefer the scent of the lime soap, over the aftershave balm. But both are good, I just don't consider them the best. I only own one cream, and its the CC Land Ho. Performance of Land Ho is awesome in slick department, but I am not a big fan of the scent.

CC Stuff.jpg

I've also had the opportunity to try testing sample of 5919, which is now known as CC Eucalyptus Mint. If you love the scent of Eucalyptus and Spearmint, then CC Eucalyptus Mint is for you! I loved the scent I sampled, but I do not own the official bottle as of yet.


There are other scents that I haven't sampled as of yet. I still have not tried Nor Easter for example, but many here on the site recommend it. I am going to have to seriously consider it!
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