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What are YOUR fashion pet peeves?

I cannot stand when people wear multiple patterned articles of clothing. For example, some people will wear a pinstriped suit with a checkered shirt and a patterned tie. None of those patterns match. The same goes for solid-colored shirts and ties that do not match (e.g. dark brown shirt and black tie). The best example of this would Chris Hardwick from Talking Dead. He looks ridiculous.

Also, as Winstonage mentioned, suits with button-down collars. Button-down collars are casual, suits are not. The same goes for mixing multiple types of attire. A good example would be wearing a t-shirt with a blazer, slacks, and sneakers. I have even seen a guy with a t-shirt, blazer, pajama bottoms, and sneakers on.

Gaudy dress shirts, like a shirt with white collars/cuffs, also annoy me.

Ok, judgment hat off :smile:
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My fashion peeves
Tassel loafers or as I call it (shoes with testicles)
No belt with tucked shirt
cell phone clip on belt
button down shirts with a suit
skinny jeans
pants below the butt line
All said before. These are the ones that drive me crazy.
The saggy jeans worn below your butt, exposing your boxers/underwear.
Pajama bottoms worn in public.
Skinny jeans on men.
Extra extra large shirts on normal sized people like in the hip hop fashion.
"Shorts" that go all the way down to just above the ankles.
My fashion pet peeves:

Dad jeans,
Crocs (self explanatory),
Untucked dress and sport shirts (you're 30+ not 16, grow up already),
Running shoes as fashion (running shoes are for the gym and of course running),
square toed dress shoes,
pleated dress pants and chinos,
People who have to dress to a formal dress code due a conservative corporate/organizational cultures but look like they slept in their suit after a 3 day bender and mescaline binge,
Trucker style baseball hats,
Mismatched belt/shoes when dressed.

I get it get it that in sneakers with jeans your belt won't match. Or frankly with a lot of casual attire like docksiders or sandals they may not match. And if work is in PPE, well toes are important.

But whether you're in a suit or slacks & a sports coat, please try to match.

And by the way, shave.
I think this is the first post I have seen where everyone is in agreement.

Hopefully I don't break this streak...

- Jeans that sag below the butt line - This makes me facepalm every time I see it...especially when the violator is wearing a belt as well
- Wearing socks in sandals
- Wearing white socks with every attire
- Improper necktie length - just because the knot looks perfect does not mean you can ignore the fact that the thin end extends way past the thick end.
Are hairstyles a part of fashion? If so, my pet peeve is the faux hawk. People have been rocking this for more than a decade and I think it looks very silly. Add the axe wax, harmful chemical gel junk or whatever else is used to get that unfortunate shiny, wet, artificial look to resemble a immature 13 year old boy. It drives me frikkan bonkers. Just my opinion though.

Howabout this:


I bet he's wearing jean shorts.
Ugg boots. If you are further away from your house than your own letter box, you should not be wearing Ugg boots. Even worse? Ugg boots with high-vis jacket, surely breaks about a dozen H+S policies as well.
let me see.
Hair styles. that shaved on the sides of the head really long hair on top idk what it is but it freaks me out, the just got out of bed look, Women shaving one side of their head this really bothers me. Or people shaving designs into their hair, if your going to shave your head shave it all please.

Trip pants, Gothic clothes that have gone to far, Black on black formal attire, Rental tuxedos (you can tell), People that look like lumber jacks from fall till spring (and are not lumberjacks), Confederate attire or racist clothing, Neon sunglasses, neon anything, pj's stay in the house.

What women shouldn't wear
Trashy clothes, to much makeup, See threw yoga pants
Black shoes with khakis (or other similar color) is probably my biggest one. My office is business casual and this one rears it's ugly head with some regularity.

I also agree with most of the common ones that were already touched on (sagging pants, skinny jeans, etc)

I also hate most clothing that has an enormous emblem on it. I don't mind a small polo emblem and I can tolerate the brand name printed on the item if it's not the focal point, but anything beyond that is classless.


Stumpy in cold weather
Those "traveller pants" that have zippers halfway down the leg so you can turn them into shorts.

People who think that the quality of their style ... and even their own inherent value ... can be determined by the cost of their clothes.

People who act as though whatever it is they are wearing is the pinnacle of quality, even though it clearly is not. "I buy my suits at J. Crew, and they are the absolute best in quality!"

... oh, and Crocs.

For me, it is the shear lack of self disrespect.

... not wanting to go all "Grammar Nazi" on you here, but ... :wink2:

Damn you straight to hell :biggrin:

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I'll go ahead and disrupt the congeniality...

-Any shirt tucked into jeans. If you feel the need to tuck in your shirt, you shouldn't be wearing jeans.
-"Dress" jeans. Jeans are casual, by definition.

-Button up shirt & tie with no jacket. Looks like a catholic high-schooler on Mass day, or an IT guy.
-Suits with more than three buttons.
-Sports jerseys anywhere other than a stadium.
-Any pants with writing on the rear.
-Tight (or “fitted”) clothing on fat people.
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