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What are your daily shaving practices?

Gents who shave with a DE on a daily basis, what is your routine?
What razor/blades/products do you prefer, how many passes, etc.

I use a gamechanger 84, currently testing to see if I want to permanently switch to nacets or astra sp blades, Stirling bay rum soap and wh/aloe, and occasionally a homemade bay rum preshave oil.
I aim for a two pass shave plus minor inevitable touchups.

For blades my favorite are Nacet, and I have plenty of Wizamet, Rapira Platinum Lux, Astra SP, and Permasharp to alternate with. I think I still have some blades left from my original sampler from two years ago. Blades are incredibly subjective, so don't take anyone's word for blades. From sampling, when I found one that harmonized with my skin, I bought 100 or 200. Other very fine well regarded blades just gave me weepers and discomfort.

I have never used pre-shave products, but always clean skin and hydrate with a face/head wash with either Pear's glycerine soap or Noxzema.

Post shave is generic witch hazel to which I add aloe vera, glycerine, and tea tree oil. Aloe vera or balm after that.
Great question! We'll find many answers, & all of them are correct... for the individual that favors that routine.

My routine is a one-pass shave in the morning before work (on days I work, otherwise the shave may be later in the day). I'll shower and then shave right after the shower. I have a small selection of soaps I prefer. I'm past experimenting with soaps as I've found that for me, a quality soap is critical to a good shave. After my shave I do a cold water rinse to get the soap off my face, then an application of hyaluronic acid. I dress while the hyaluronic acid absorbs or dries, then I apply my aftershave of choice.
I wouldn't do what I do but it works for me.

Pre-shave: get out of bed and get some coffee, sit and enjoy doing some reading
Shave: jump in a hot shower, massage on some cremo dome/face/neck, shave, rinse, wash the rest of the body
Post-shave: nivea sensitive balm for the dome and some aftershave splash for the face/neck
No pre-shave, 2 or 3 passes depending on the razor. Lately due to a sudden small irritation, no ATG pass.

Soap usually Proraso, arko, cella or razorock. Even foams like barbasol or foamy are in rotation.

R41, vintage gillettes, EJ89, Merkur progress, Rockwell 6C are the most used.

BIC, Gillette Platinum. Lately trying some treets.

After shave, Proraso green, floid, aqua velva and lately Pinaud clubman. Together with a squirt of cerave PM lotion.

Oh, usually before shower, the shaving part of course.
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Wonderful question!

My ‘daily driver‘ is a Wolfman WR1
My ‘top-tier’ blades: Astra SP, Personna lab, Personna red, GSB, Wizamet SI, Nacet
Brushes: rotation of badgers
Soaps: too many to count!
Splashes: again too many!

So that’s is for this old guy!!
narrowing down soaps and narrowing down blades once again so those are changing :)
down to just my Timeless .68 for a while now

in general the same thing every time every day !
get face wet - mix up lather - shave - rinse face - dry face - put on AS - Neutrogena hydro gel - use the soap off the brush to wash my hands - clean out brush - clean razor - wipe up counter

shave nerd stuff :)
I rise at 5am daily to shave. I have a people-intense job and I need this time alone to prepare for the day. It virtually never gets interrupted because it's early. I do a three or four pass shave and enjoy exploring all the variables of razors, soaps, blades and brushes.
The 365 shave thread would give you a good glimpse into the habits of daily shavers.
Nothing complicated for me. I wash my face with warm water while my brush soaks. I lather up and do two passes. WTG and ATG, plus minor touch ups along the jaw. Rinse my face then rinse my brush well. Witch hazel as needed.

I've used a Henson Mild for most of 2022, with the blades it likes (Astra and RK). It's still what I'm running almost all the time. If I'm on the road, I use a Baili (which seems to work decently with Parker blades.) Every now and then, I'll break out one of the Techs and these prefer Feather, Bleue Extra, GSB. I don't have to many of those blades left which is why the Techs aren't used as often anymore.
Gents who shave with a DE on a daily basis, what is your routine?
What razor/blades/products do you prefer, how many passes, etc.

I use a gamechanger 84, currently testing to see if I want to permanently switch to nacets or astra sp blades, Stirling bay rum soap and wh/aloe, and occasionally a homemade bay rum preshave oil.
Razorock has some many options to choose from. Try Lupo and ECO.

Stirling for me you should try their scented preshave oil. Completely changed the shave for me using Stirling soap. Stirling soap by itself is very hydrating. The oil adds a layer to the skin, reduces cuts and increases postshave feel.
I got carried away with wet shaving products over the years that I have been wet shaving ( 11 years). So here is what I have NARROWED it done to (HA).

1. ANY pre-shave oil
2. Choice of 4 brushes (2 Badger and 2 Synthetic)
3. Of all the de razors that I own (22 of them) I use the following : ( 1961 Gillette Slim Adj.) - (2012 Merkur HD 34C)
(1948-49 Gillette SS) - (2012/2013 Edwin Jagger DE89lbl/DE87bl lined or ivory barrel) - (1948-51 Gillette Gold Aristocrat)
4. ASTRA razor blades
5. 7 different shaving soaps: (Tabac - Arko - Cella - Van Der Hagen - Proraso - Col. Conk - H. Cavendish)

After I have finished shaving I splash on some witch hazel and then rub in some Nivea post shave balm.

I shave every other day using a 3 pass method and get a BBS shave.
For years I was an Edwin Jagger de 89 /feather/3 pass guy
Then i was put on blood platelet medication, so now I cut it down to 2 passes and I use milder razors at lower settings. yaqi final cut at setting 2 is fine and gives me BBS

My Blade of choice is now Personna Blue.. Also I do like an electric shave now and again from my Panasonic Arc 4 .. gives a really nice shave, and I can even use it with lathers
When I am away from home, I use a travel kit that rarely changes fo out of town trips and I keep a second kit at a friend‘s house where I often stay (This kit usually includes a change in razor when there is a blade change.)

At home I have fallen into the following for most every day:
  • Razor - Blackland Ti Blackbird.
  • Blades - rotate between Nacet, Perma-Sharp, GSB, Personna Red, Personna lab.
  • Brushes - 10 brushes in the same order AP Shave Co Beehive w 24 mm G5C, Mugseco Custom High Mountain (badger), Rudy Vey Rubberset style Manchurian, Rudy Vey/Shavemac 2 band 2018 LE, Rudy Vey Persian Jar w Shavemac 2 band, Shavemac Beagle (2 band), Omega Jade 011842 (boar), Simpson Classic 2, Simpson Duke 3 best, Simpson Chubby 1 super.
  • Soap - MdC (currently Rose, it is way too early to say which scent will be next).
  • Lather Bowl - Mugseco custom (received for my 65th birthday and replaced a fine Captain’s Choice heavy copper bowl).
  • Dickenson’s WH.
  • Rotation of various aftershave splashes. Currently including Fine Fresh Vetiver, Latigo, American Blend; Speick; Floid Vigoroso; Epsilon Blue Mediterranean; Grand Bay Bay Rum; and Clubman.
I have found the Blackbird and MdC too much to my liking to want to regularly rotate out of.
Here’s my basic routine.
  • Fill my sink with hot water.
  • Make a lather in a bowl. I aim for well-hydrated yogurt-like consistency.
  • Wet my face. No pre shave.
  • Paint on lather, agitating if the consistency is too thin.
  • Standard three passes, usually not rinsing between.
  • Rinse, dry, apply witch Hazel and let sit while I start cleaning up.
  • Pat dry face and apply aftershave. Let sit for usually one minute.
  • Apply a tiny amount of post shave balm. Let sit for a minute and then pat off excess, not wipe.
The products I use vary almost every shave since I have a variety and enjoy using it all.
For me:

Prep with Cube 2.0 using a brush. Let it set for several minutes.
Whip up Noble Otter Lonestar lather with Noble Otter brush, then lather over the Cube 2.0.
Shave with KCG razor using Bic Chrome platinum blade, WTG, ATG, buff as required.
Rinse and dry face.
Alum stick, witch hazel, A/S.
Clean up stuff and sink.
I generally shave five days per week - Monday to Friday.

Hot shower, while letting my brush soak.
Generally use Musgo Real pre-shave soap, or perhaps CeraVe moisturizing soap.
Load my brush from the container and face lather. If using a cream, I put some in my shave bowl and work up the lather.
Three pass shave with one touch up pass.
Rinse with warm then cold water followed by WH. If I feel as though I got some irritation, I may replace the WH with alum block.
Apply AS balm. I've been using the Cremo Heritage balm this winter as it's a heavier formulation and really seems to leave my face feeling moisturized. In the summer, I'll use a lighter balm like Nivea.
Lastly, apply either an AS splash or cologne.

I rotate razors, blades and brushes weekly, although I tend to prefer my Omega Professional boar brush for soaps and my synthetic and badger brushes for creams.

While I have a collection of blades, Nacets and Perma-Sharp have risen to the top. I still have some Pol Silvers, and they are the best blades I have ever tried.

I have about ten or so razors, but my top three are the RR GC .84-P, Rockwell 6S and Colonial General. I also really like my Gillette Slim and Parker Variant.
I spent $3,000 on shaving in 6 months. If I wanted to use $30 of tabac soap I would have used one soap.

Splash water on face
Optional oil
Soak brush
Build lather On the face
2-3 passes for face
2-3 passes head
Rinse cold water twice
Wait 10-15 minutes get dressed for the day
Aftershave lotion or balm

shower when I get in from work
I've only been DE shaving a few months but have picked up so many good tips on this forum...... Currently my daily routine is

Hot shower and use a high glycerine handmade soap to soften my wire like stubble.
Soak my synthetic Yaqi either the 28mm tuxedo or 24mm Moka while I use a discontinued Origins for men blade runner cream as a bit of a pre shave. Rinse with warm water and either bowl lather or face lather Cella red or goodfellas smile shibusa 2 or Tallow No1.
Currently shaving with a shimmed Muhle R89 with a wizamet SI...... Love these blades.
Then to finish off it's a warm water rinse then cold. Alum block rub and rinse again with cold water and finally Thayer's WH aloe vera unscented and Nivea sensitive balm and a few sprays of Dior Sauvage or a dupe Chanel Bleu behind the ears and I'm feeling a million dollars 😂
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