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What are you unpacking/ opening today, show pics or video, we love pics


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The final piece of the puzzle for my English country set. For those that are not aware, I’ve been putting together an English themed shaving set to keep at our holiday house. Bit by bit I’ve been replacing everything with made in England items. The last thing I needed was an oiling rag for my straight razors. I could hardly believe my luck when I stubbled across the Selvyt polishing cloths.

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:laugh: Love it!
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Hadn’t planned on it, but saw their black friday sale and have read good things about this product. Does anybody know if this cream lathers? Or its one of those non-lathering creams? Much appreciated.
I have 2 tubs of that,ive used one of them a couple of times,its an ok cream,not one of my favourites by any means,but works as it should👍
Pasteur’s had a great sale! So I took advantage! Replacement for my not yet used up Stirling Executive Man, Bar of Mogno shave soap, Lucky Tiger A/S, and. FaTip Grande!

I also just got notified that my order from Tatara shipped today! We’ll see how long it takes to get to the Midwest from Portugal!

Have a great day y’all! 😃🤙
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