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What are you unpacking/ opening today, show pics or video, we love pics

A Cussons Imperial Leather shave stick shown on the right below. Interesting how the packaging changed over the years.


It is hard to tell from photos.. even good photos.
Agreed that even good photos don’t always show the exact condition a product is in. There’s been a couple times I received a razor that was in better condition than what it looked like in the photo. Fortunately I’ve never been disappointed with the quality of the razor based on the picture (I admit that I’ve been lucky in that regard)
Just got these in the mail today and just thought might as well show them off because I was thinking of this thread at the time.
Yaqi mail call #2.jpg

These are a few packages from Yaqi live sale and I bought 3 weeks ago,the brush was on sale and they have this Freebie raffle you have to compete with who are also interested and won a beautiful razor Yaqi dual "flip side" with the Aluminum hexagon handle(excellent razor IMO I have a different flipside head I bought on sale months ago). The Brush is the Bali 24mm Silvertip badger. The small sample bottles are aftershave(Hypnotic blue) that I will try, new product recently released so why not the price was right for the sampler.
Yaqi mail call.jpg

Have some great shaves!
been hitting refresh on tracking and fresh from the mailbox :)

hope the soaps perform as good as they smell :)
both are awesome !!! for the spice not sure I would call it Old Spice but its in the same family and yeah looking forward to trying it :) and of course looking forward to try ethos as well :) the F base is still more like the softer artisan types my mind was thinking firmer but no worries just thoughts out loud :)

not sure yet about Colonia on first sniff but wanted to try it as that scent is popular and good to try other things :)

pretty much after just over 40 blades these are close to the last two I have been curious about

Bengall #5

I’ve done a few things back to front in my wet shaving journey. I started with the best razors and slowly worked my way up to the beaters. Maybe not such a bad thing as the beaters take a bit more skill to get going.

My current project is putting together a seven day set of vintage Cadman Bengall straight razors. This is a budget set of fixer uppers with a maximum price of $50 AUD (~$35 USD) per razor after shipping. This is Bengall #5 prior to the clean up. It doesn’t photograph well but I think it will clean up alright. There isn’t much wear on it but it’s obviously been stored in less than ideal conditions.

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