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What are you unpacking/ opening today, show pics or video, we love pics

Just received these in the mail today, Speick is getting away from Tallow based in their formula because of Europe is herding soap manufactures in this direction from my limited understanding. Speick is good stuff with a nice mild spicy scent with excellent lather qualities IMO.

Have some great shaves!
I can assure you, it smells like lemon and freshness, and if it had a "artisan" label on it, and was priced at $14 or more, you guys would be buying it up all over this forum.

Marketing is a key tool to this hobby I've learned.

People are buying ARKO! all over this and other forums, despite the smell! Give them credit for recognizing a quality product, regardless of label or cost. [emoji482]
That’s cool!

I might be willing to give that a try maybe someday otherwise as long as Arko keeps getting offered in a puck I’m going to keep buying it in the puck form.

I used it today I forgot how much I love this stuff.
Today I got some vintage DE and SE blades I ordered on a whim.

The Drexel blades intrigued me because they are one of the only blades I’ve seen beside Autostrop and Feather FH-10 that are designed to fit a Valet razor.

A Miniature Old Hickory bottle that is really an alum pencil came with a razor I ordered, so when I saw the blades I figured I should get them too.

Hmmmmm….what if these DE blades aren’t stainless and little stropping is needed like my SE carbon blades. I have a bunch of stroppers, but none for double edge blades.
Hey! I found one!
I‘ve never seen a Stropper quite like this one. It is very heavy and extremely well built. It will strop SE or DE blades.
Those three circles form round dimples on the inside that fit the configuration of Gillette type DE blades.
The blade slides in and the dimples fit into the holes on the blade. Then the set screw is tightened and the blade is locked down.
My Autostrop strop is then threaded through and the gearing will flip the blade back and forth as you strop.
A very unique device.
Obviously I wouldn’t use it with Stainless blades like the Gillette in the picture…but you get the idea.

around 3 months ago i ordered some stuff from a company, including some eco shower gels, bath soaps and a patchouli shaving soap, the stuff arrived shortly after, when i eventually got round to trying the shaving soap i discovered they had sent me a "ladies" shaving soap and not the one i ordered, i only noticed it was ladies after actually using it🤔, anyway i contacted them and give them their due, after a few unanswered mails i eventually got a reply yesterday and the replacement shaving soap arrived today👍🏼_20211007_125517.JPG
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