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What are you unpacking/ opening today, show pics or video, we love pics

Copper Karve!
Shown here on an ATT copper handle until my charcoal goods maze handle comes in.

Fayiz D.

I've seen Van Yulay mentioned a few times and when @puffinshart posted they were having a sale and I could get free shipping I decided to give it a go. The three tubs are different bases with the tinned Achilles being a hard puck. The two samples where thrown in by Van Yulay. I haven't had a chance to try any, but the white tea and ginger sample is the best smelling in both mine and my wife's opinions.
My unboxing’s this week, felt like Christmas came early!


Blackland Vector Titanium in machined finish. Have had two shaves with it so far and the hype around it is totally justified. I had an issue with the order but the service I received was exceptional. Thank you Shane (@Blackland Razors) for going above and beyond:a14:

I ordered the Captain’s Choice Seaworthy lather bowl in Abaco when it was on sale for half price the other day. I was expecting 2 or 3 soap or balm samples that the Cap usually throws in. I opened the box and not only was the Seaworthy bowl in there and two soap samples but there was a Classic lather bowl in Rawhide…for free! Thank you so much Scott (@Captain Pre-Capsize) for the amazing generosity, this is what makes our community so great:thumbup:

Ariana & Evans Never Alone soap in K2e base and splash. All the proceeds went to charities in the USA and in Canada to assist with suicide prevention which is dear to my heart. Donated to a great cause, top performing soap base and smells great 👍👍👍
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