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What are you unpacking/ opening today, show pics or video, we love pics

This came in yesterday in the mail and was sold promptly today :D

Never have I been so disappointed in a product.... What do I mean?
The reason why I ordered this product is because I try to maintain 5 sets of soap and aftershave, which I want them to be uber awesome and to my liking, sadly with one purchase 1-2 months ago I did not hit the jackpot, I ordered a Saponificio Varesino. The smell is pretty good, but it is not to my liking, too feminine. That's not the problem. I just cannot make a decent lather out of it, that + the smell equal searching for a replacement. I searched for some stuff and came across this product "Leather on wood", it sounds pretty nice, I thought, I went as far as being worried it might be too similar to my Midnight Stag..... Hhahahaha boooooyyyy was I worried for nuffin :D

I got it and opened it in the car, the disappointment was immense. It was a sweet perfume-y like scent.... In Bulgaria we have a word for such scents and the best I can think of in English is perfumiated(even though no such word exist).

Of course I tried it, and was disappointed once more. There was literally no scent when I made the lather and applied it to my face.... Like an unscented soap :(

Performance was normal 5.5/10 so nothing special, nothing bad. THe only redeemable thing was the longevity of the aftershave which stuck for quite some hours, but being an aroma for which I do not care it doesn't matter that much.

I just ordered PAA John Frum+LPL Fougere hope it'll be a nice substitute for the SV Tundra artica.


Another VC1 Valet Autostrop arrived today.
Quite a nice little metal case. Looks like some swag from “The Ancona World”
which I’m going to assume is a newspaper.
looks like everything is intact.

I already have four VC1’s. This is what I really paid for.
A brand new, never used, still in the box Valet Autostrop leather strop.

Ive got a few of them, but this is the only one with a Valet razor embossed on it.
After 70-80 years the leather is a bit stiff, but nothing that can’t be remedied with
a little mink oil and a hair dryer.
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