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What are you unpacking/ opening today, show pics or video, we love pics

Finally arrived, after a month and a half of waiting. If this is how much it takes now for a package to arrive by airmail from the UK I'd hate to think how much time it can take for a package from China with Economy post. View attachment 1102915 View attachment 1102916 View attachment 1102917 View attachment 1102918
Merkur 45c in bakelite. This thing is tiny and light but so elegant. Love the dark red with black clouds. The case and blade pack are pretty nice too. Feels like an expensive toy or refined keepsake from way back when.
Not going to do a shave with it yet as there is another Merkur in line, the Progress, to use for the first time.
Love the great camera angle and scene setting...keep it coming
Love the great camera angle and scene setting...keep it coming
Thanks for the kind words.:001_smile
I'm "small potatoes" compared to many other members here that have professional cameras, lightboxes and experience in photography. I just take pictures with my phone. I will order some interesting stuff next week and some reviews of obscure items are coming so stay tuned.:popc:


Mr Pepper soap: definitely not overpowering but I get the smell - can’t wait to try it

Haslinger Honey soap: I like - my wife says she doesn’t think it smells like honey but she likes it too

Coffee Spoons soap: Definitely smell the coffee but has sort of a bitter smell. Wife says smells like all natural peanut butter.

Case for my 41 Ranger: Not a museum piece but felt naked without the case

GEM Featherweight: I love me some GEM’s!

9EB82D7A-7552-48F6-AA8D-C4D763BF944A.jpeg 3F8560AA-59BE-49FB-9D86-9EB2113E3039.jpeg

Looks better than alone

Had to get out of the house, so I went for a drive, and ended up at an old pharmacy where I bought my first straight, 27 years ago. Such a strange feeling... Grabbed a couple pucks of Williams because reasons. They had a table up front with everything marked 75% off, so I took a look, and couldn't believe my eyes. The bill before the cashier added the discount was over $300. After, it was $80. Tabac and shavette were picked up in a hole in the wall part of town, and the Mistral soap was from another store. Had a great lunch, and now I'm sitting here browsing B&B. Feels like my birthday and Christmas all at once. KIMG0076.JPG
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