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What are you searching for?

What are you searching for in the pen world? What can you imagine that you haven't quite found? Is it a nib with certain properties that aren't quite matched by any that you've tried? Is it an ink? Is it a kind of paper, or paper in a particular binding? This is different from saving up to get something you know is out there. This is about finding if it's out there in the first place.

With me it seems to be an ink, the perfect purple. I realized this when I recently ordered some Sailor Jentle Four Seasons Shigure from Jet Pens (it should be here tomorrow). How many purples did I already have?

Turns out that this will be number 13. Well, number 14 if you think that Iroshizuku Yama-Budo is a purple. Number 15 if you count Diamine Syrah, a sort of purplish red. And for that matter, I had two purple dip pen inks, although I threw one away. Hmm, I even have some purple ballpoint and rollerball refills.

My criteria include water resistance, "behavior", and of course, color. None of them have quite satisfied me on all three counts. The best compromises have been De Atramentis Aubergine, and Iroshizuku Murasaki-Shikibu (which is admittedly the most fun to say). Will this Sailor ink finally be it?

But my purple quest is not the only point. I'm curious if other people are this obsessive about finding the perfect...something.
I'm looking for an accessory for my pens.....a leather messenger bag, lol. Something that can double as a laptop bag and possibly pass off as a briefcase. Okay, maybe I'm just looking for a briefcase/laptop bag that can be carried over the shoulder. I've been looking for a few months and price really isn't a consideration, but style and functionality are important. Has to be leather though, and my dilemma is that I don't really dig the look of Saddleback, but I'm certainly sold on their quality. That said, I'd like something a bit more modern looking with similar functionality and quality. Not too much to ask, huh? That's why this quest has lasted almost 2 months now, but when I buy it...I want to be certain because I'm sure it's going to be pricey.

EDIT: I really should post this in the Haberdashery to get their take on it. :tongue_sm
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