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What Are You Reading?


Probably not Al Bundy
and Patrick O’Brian’s ‘HMS Surprise’ on audio.
Contains what may be my favorite line in the entire series..."Jack, you have debauched my sloth."

Patrick Tull is a wonderful narrator.
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Probably not Al Bundy
I've been trying to finish Crime and Punishment for 20 years lol. Enjoy your reading!
Assuming you're like me and don't read/speak the original Russian, sometimes it helps if you'll switch to a different translation. Check out the excellent blog "Tolstoy Therapy" sometime. The young lady who writes it is an advocate for switching translations when you get in a rut.


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I’ve always flown through Dostoevsky, but hate Tolstoy. I have never made it through Anna Karenina, and War and Peace has been a four decade battle I’ve never won.
Same here. I will take Dostoevsky over Tolstoy any day. I wish there was a gateway book for Tolstoy. If you want to try Thomas Pynchon, you can do The Crying of Lot 49. It’s short, weird and if you like it, heck, give Gravity’s Rainbow a try.

No such luck with Tolstoy. Here’s a couple of thousand page books. Start on page one.

Afraid of James Joyce and Ulysses? Marvel at the short stories in Dubliners. That’s a fun way to get your feet wet.

Not Tolstoy.


Abandoned By Gypsies.

I love reading/listening to Malcolm Gladwell. Highly intelligent and substantiates his findings with facts. He helps readers flex their minds and question the status quo. Cant put this one down.


Needs milk and a bidet!
The Clancy, brother! If you’ve only experienced him through the Jack Ryan movies and Netflix thing, you’re in for a treat. His second book, The Cardinal of the Kremlin, is almost a John LeCarre-caliber spy thriller.
Never saw the Jack Ryan stuff or Netflix thing. Also, never saw the movie Hunt For Red October either.
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