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What Are You Reading?

Re-reading Anne Rivers Siddons' The House Next Door, a haunted house tale about a modern home in suburban Atlanta (ca. 1978) that is A Bad Place from the start. No wraiths or zombies. The horror is more subtle: The house seeks out what is most important to the current owners, and destroys or shatters them through that weakness. And the narrator and her husband, after watching the destruction of several couples, are determined to do something about it. . . .

Siddons was a tremendous writer; she wrote big novels about Georgia and Atlanta, some with a romance element, but not "romance" novels per se. Unlike so many women authors nowadays, she treats male characters just as she does female ones. Her magnum opus, Peachtree Road, would make a great Netflix/HBO TV series, if anyone in Hollywood today had the vision to see it (and had actually read anything published before 2010).

Anyway, House Next Door is a great read. It's not so subtle that you are left scratching your head about just what happened, but it is definitely a cut above most supernatural novels.

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The Overstory is nothing short of astonishing. The writing is somehow very readable but on another level entirely. The same goes for The Color Purple, which I am doing on audio. Talk about a way to finish an awful year.
Interesting. On your say so, beginish, I will give finishing The Overstory another shot. I guess I got about 20% through before letting it fall by the wayside. On Audible, which is my usual way of reading novels these days.

I read The Color Purple a long time ago. I thought it was good, albeit mighty depressing!
Can't recall the actual title, but a book about one man's walk along the silk road through Turkey into Iran. fairly interesting so far. Interesting discussion about cultures within a culture.
Currently too many going at once. I'm slow to begin with. I couldn't decide which to put off.
A Gentleman in Moscow by Amor Towles, a terrific novel about post revolutionary Russia
Just Kids by Patti Smith
Sicilian Stories/Novelle Siciliane by Giovanni Verga, a dual language edition. I'm trying to struggle through the Italian but relying on the English quite a bit.
Currently too many going at once. I'm slow to begin with. I couldn't decide which to put off.
A Gentleman in Moscow by Amor Towles ...
Some time ago I checked A Gentleman in Moscow out of a German public library - a great read. I believe that it really does convey some of the atmosphere of the early Soviet Union.
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I came looking to start something like this....then saw that I have actually posted in here before!

@2Vu5_T Did you, by chance, watch any of the Longmire TV show? I enjoyed it, and have been curious whether the books are similar.
David Leadbeater Matt Drake 4 Tomb of the gods.
If you like the Tombraider world is going to be destroyed genre a nice high paced read.
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