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What are you listening to?


Since my current vehicle has no CD player, I've loaded a bunch on a flash of new music to listen to. Tried Dylan's new album and found it too light, he's far better when he sounds depressed. Having enjoyed Trent Reznor's film scores, I tried a NIN Greatest Hits. To quote Dylan, it's not my cup of meat. One I've really enjoyed is revisiting Alice Cooper. I heard him on the radio back in my youth, but never gave him a fair listen and he's got several well written songs. I never associated Cooper with this type of song. A bit Bowie-esque.

Owen Bawn

"Ask me about a fluffernutter"
Let safe the spirit
Haven't heard this choon in yonks- thanks for sharing it. I love 60s Bluegrass. This sounds as fresh today as it did 50 years ago. I like this version better than the Eagles' cover. Sad that both men are gone.
Talking about saving the Spirit of Bluegrass-- have you heard these kids from Norway?
For the first time
But i will spend some time listening to them
Bluegrass music
The early bluegrass music has a special place in my heart
I grew up wit the mountain songs of dr.Ralph Stanley or Bill Monroe
Songs like

Straight from the heart
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