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What are you listening to?

This one has been a thing for me, lately. Singing it at work, too.

It's actually about him having polio as kid, fwiw. "The chains are locked and tied across the door. Dance and sing with me, somehow" him in isolation in his room.

Ok. I'm a drummer. Or at least pretend to be one. I thought I knew all of the great drummers out there as I'm more of a student than I am a player. Well, I've been asleep at the wheel because I've never heard this guy before. With this video he instantly became my new favorite drummer. Insane chops. Insane groove. So slick and tasteful. And I love the music track he's playing to. I wouldn't doubt it if he wrote it himself. OMG! I've just listened to this thing nonstop for the past hour and a half. I love this. I'm freaking out.

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