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What are you listening to?

If you like Jazz, this is a very atypical Deodato record. Has big band and strings on it and it's a live album. You would hardly know it because it's probably his best 'sounding' album and that's a high bar. this is out of print in all formats.
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I always liked punk music from the left coast (Portland/Seattle/Vancouver), but I wouldn't want to live there. No offense, as I also hate the east coast where I do live. Given a choice, I'd be happily be living on 20 acres in east KY, east TN or west NC, listening to Hank 3. Here's a left coast fav.

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One of my all-time favorite recordings is Yo-Yo Ma’s 1985 recording of the complete Bach unaccompanied cello suites. He’s recorded them since but this CD in particular stands out for me.

That is a beautiful album. He won a Grammy for that particular recording. I love his idea of trying to change the world through Bach.

I was listening most recently to his Classic Yo-Yo cd, a release from the early 2000's.