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What are you listening to?


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Listening to yesterdays Dropkick Murphys show in Fenway. I have a few Dropkick Murphys among my 100+ Irish punk CDs. Even in my mid 70s, I'm drawn to punk bands with mandolin, tin whistle and/or accordion. Sorry, but this Jersey guy hasn't been a Bruce fan since his Darkness album, but the two songs with him were pretty good (skip the first 1:15). This is the first, a Murphy's song.

Very nice. Love the energy. I've a couple of the Dropkick albums....

Something from Canada for you.

Something from Canada for you.
Thanks. I liked the fiddle. Who doesn't? Lots of great Irish-punk bands out of Canada the past 15-20 years: The Mahones (Is this bar open until tomorrow), the Real McKenzies (Drink some more), the Dreadnoughts, and (Dreadnoughts lead singer) Nick Smyths earlier, and totally insane band (Siobhan). Siobhan's McGravy Iron Liver and Welfare State are classics.

Love Stardust. I must have a dozen Brubeck tracks of it from the 1950s. My only Louis Armstrong with Dave Brubeck is another classic. I wish they had done more

That Summer Song is a great track, never heard it before.
Ya Star Dust is a gem isn’t it? And Louis’ version just pulls at your heart. Enjoy Brubeck’s version too.
I’ve been listening to lots of SKA lately. The Specials Ghost Town seems like an appropriate song for 2020 even though it’s 25 some odd years old. Some good two tone documentary on YouTube.