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What are you listening to?

The Knize

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Traffic Live in Santa Monica--said to be the only video/film record of Traffic in its heyday, which is a shame. Fabulous group. Chris Wood was ethereal.
Our local university radio station has had a week long rock marathon fundraiser, some good shows, some I don't appreciate, yesterday, a 3 hour British Psychedelic Music Program from 1967-1969, the memories, the fragments of memories, guess I'm beginning to show my age! That was fun, especially in these times.
I'm loving the 1950s today. Wish I could go back in time, other than having to hide under my grade school desk in those nuclear attack drills.

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This is what I'm listening to right now.
My question is how many readers of this
Thread are aware of this recording
Or the Composer.
20200420_190453.jpg 20200420_190529.jpg
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