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What are you listening to?


You Both Can Get Off My Lawn!
Steely Dan-"Count down to Ecstasy" whilst cleaning the fish tank.

Then the best of Hank Williams when I was BBQ ing'
Right now -- "A Love Supreme, Part IV: Psalm" John Coltrane

Generally -- Zeppelin, the Who, anything by Clapton, and a brilliant instrumental band from Ireland called "Lunasa"
I have to say I'm impressed by the musical taste displayed in this forum.
I've been getting a fix of crime-related music:

La Musica della Mafia (vol.1 ): "Il Canto di Malavita" (great compilation of mafia, songs from Italy)

Los Tigres del Norte: 20 Corridos Inolvidables (compilation of songs about drug-smuggling and crime in general by legendary band from Northern Mexico)

34 Punaladas: Tangos Carcelarios (early 1900's underworld-related tango by this great new Argentinean band)

The first cd has translations of all the lyrics into English and French. The other two will be hard to understand unless you are familiar with slang Spanish. Great music though.
I just finished listening to the new Wilco release, Sky Blue Sky. This band is getting a significant amount of playtime from me lately.

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