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What are you drinking tonight?

I still like my everyday Dewars White Label Scotch. Sometimes with a small ice cube (wife found a tray that makes sugar cube size).
And I ‘ve been experimenting with Manhattans. Makers Mark, Bulliet and Evan Williams, which is on par with the others.
I had been using Rossi vermouth and maraschino cherries.
Well. I read about Cocchi vermouth de torino and Luxardo cherries.
Holy Cow!! Those make awesome Manhattans.


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Double header night,

Calvados sidecar and Whiskey Sour. The sour was underwhelming, not sure if there was too much egg white or the Early Times was just not playing well, but it was mehh.. Oh well there is always tomorrow.


Spent a bit of time driving around this afternoon as going for a swim was a no go, first swimming pool was just full to the brim and the second one closed for whatever reason.

Found those two Cointreau coupe at a thrift shop and saw a couple of Buffalo Trace bottle in the wild, first time since I have been looking for them this year. At around $40 a piece on average I took a pass. Cheapest was $35
Japanese lager, first time trying this brand. Was excited and bought some beer to watch the Oilers/Stars, only to realize the game wasn't on CBC tonight thanks to the Canadian Film Awards...

Good stuff, will buy again.

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I used to work for Aviva, who sold out to Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance here, and not long after the takeover, we had a deputation from Tokyo and I took them out for a beer or seven after work. They were horrified when I ordered a Sapporo: apparently, MSIG had an association with Asahi, so we could only drink that.
Well, I finished off my bottle of Elijah Craig Small Batch recently. Opened up my first bottle of Dickel Rye. The difference in spice hit me pretty hard on that first sip, but I quickly adjusted to it and found it to be pretty tasty. Perhaps a bit more than I'd really like for a summer sipper, but certainly highly drinkable.
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