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What are you drinking tonight?

That's good stuff. It was recommended to me by a guy who is so serious about scotch that he goes to auctions for it. I got to come along, and they give free samples! Not of everything, of course. The main thing I learned is that Japanese scotch competes at the top price levels in these auctions. Did not expect that.
Japan has a pretty long history of producing good Scotch and other Whisky but it was mostly kept for in country consumption. Sometime about 10yrs ago is when I first started hearing about it. About that same time the Japanese Whiskys started getting lots of praise including multiple "Whisky of the year" awards. Once the word got out, the prices shot up and the buying frenzy was on. A bottle of Yamazaki 55yr old sold for almost $800,000 in 2020.
In one of the early Sean Connery “James Bonds”, late ‘60s? , they had Japanese scotch. Suntory?
The price was always just a little higher than Chivas, my go to at that time.
I believe "You only live twice" was based in Japan. My father and I would watch the classic bond films on friday nights when I was a teenager. He started out with a 3 vhs set and collected pretty much all of them after that. The first three were thunderball, diamonds are forever, and you only live twice. You only live twice was my favorite of the three when I was younger. Still enjoy the classic bond films.
Had me a cuban libre yesterday. No pic this time. 2oz of bacardi gold, a splash of lime juice, a few dashes of angostura aromatic bitters, and a small can of coke. Not half bad. Way better than the previous one with the captain morgan stuff.

Out of curiosity, why do some liquors effect people differently? I can sip a 2oz poor of whiskey 90-100 proof in 30 min and feel nothing... but 2oz of lower proof rum diluted down alot drank in around an hour and I feel all sorts of tipsy and weird.
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